What Matters to Millennials + Bonus SXSW 2014 Insights!


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We take a look at what matters to Millennials and what happened during SXSW 2014

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  • Darwin explained that living organisms are well-designed for their environments. Humans developed positive emotional reinforcement to social behavior in order to facilitate survival. Chemical reinforcement. We work better when we’re in groups and it feels good.
    Now most of our groups are available online too. And it still feels good to be in those groups, even though we can’t get the same sensory stimulus from the group. Why do our brains respond similarly to virtual networks as they do to physical groups? The concept of “cooption” explains this.
    Cooption, refers to the shift in the function of traits during evolution. When someone high-fives me, I feel good. Likewise, when I get a digital poke on Facebook, the recognition makes me feel good. The physical interaction is gone, but the trait has been coopted to reinforce social behavior.
    This, fundamentally, is why social media works. We have evolved to recognize it as being part of a group, which was always good for us.
  • What Matters to Millennials + Bonus SXSW 2014 Insights!

    1. 1. What Matters to Millennials? Naimul Huq | @naimul Director, W2O Group 1 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    2. 2. 2 Contents are proprietary and confidential. millennial /miˈlenēəl/ noun “Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.” – TIME 1. a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000; are 18-34 year old. Google Image Results:
    3. 3. 3 Contents are proprietary and confidential. “Among Americans age 40 and older, there’s a pastime more popular than football, Candy Crush or HBO. It’s bashing millennials.” Frank Bruni, NYTimes June 7, 2014 frugal lazy wasteful fashionable distracted entitled narcissistic entrepreneurial different consumers 80 Million of them Online:
    4. 4. 4 Contents are proprietary and confidential. the hashtag generation noun 1. Younger than millenials. Often overlapping interests, influenced by millennials. Digital natives. Google Image Results: “The #generation naturally collaborates.”
    5. 5. 5 Contents are proprietary and confidential. “In 2009, more data will be generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008.” - Andreas Weigend, Chief Scientist, Amazon.com, 2009 50 Million Instagram Posts Per Day 500 Million Tweets Per Day Billions of Interactions on Facebook Trillions of Text messages, IMs, Snapchats, Secrets, Vines, Emails, YouTube Videos, Livestreams, Reddit Submissions…. 66% use more than one mobile device, daily They look at their mobile phones 45+ times per day – SDL Report
    6. 6. 6 Contents are proprietary and confidential. There is a ton of data out there. It tells a story and you don’t need a background in math to tap into it.
    7. 7. W2OGROUP Clients (Examples) Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    8. 8. How We Try to Understand Millennials • We analyze thousands of conversations per day and extract the most shared content from Millennials, from music to gaming to healthcare, across a multitude of media platforms. • From a marketing standpoint, this helps us craft content that speaks directly to their interests. Our creative team is agile. • We have to be mindful of human truths. Basic rules of behavioral psychology are the reason why social networking is so popular. And with that in mind, we create and connect. Logic and Emotion. 8 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    9. 9. The Psychology of Social Operant Conditioning Information Cascade Herd Mentality Conformity Operant Conditioning is what makes social media work well. Social media incites psychological response. Fear of what others are doing without us gets us to sign in. Fear of being apart drives us to engage. We model our behavior against the behavior of others. Memes, trends, fads are all a function of human conformity. Humans tend to value the opinions of those they trust. Reviews from friends carry more weight than any advertisement and dictate our behavior. Source: http://www.danah.org, http://www.danzarella.com “In order to know how society works, you need to be a part of it.” -Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research
    10. 10. The 1-9-90 Model of Influence 1 9 90 Influencers • Top opinion leaders – 1% or less who drive the ideas that fuel conversation share with current/potential customers • Important to focus content and relationships here Active Engagers • Second concentric circle of influence – the people who carry the message, and where top influencers source ideas • Important to surround sound with paid + earned media The Market • Reflects what customers read, search and discover online every day. What do they learn? Where are they? How can you connect? • Important to listen, educate, share and provide unique experiences 1% of People Create Content 9% Share and Repackage 90% Listen and Learn Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    11. 11. Tremendous Reach in Top Influencers 11 “Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer,” Forrester Research Inc., June 6, 2011 500 Billion Brand or Product impressions via consumers in social media. 6% of influencers 80% of impressions
    12. 12. Follow the Leaders 12 Contents are proprietary and confidential. Influencers are out there and they are intricately connected
    13. 13. Ten Areas of Online Influence Influence Areas Trend Relevance Audio Favorite of sales force, customers on the go Podcasts of all types, plus audio tracks of video segments are an undefined area of online, yet have growing utility Blogs >200MM; trend is to have multiple blogs, multiple languages We should know the top influencers by topic who drive relevant share of voice. The numbers of influencers are small, precision is key. Data / Slides 30MM uniques at SlideShare A great location to share all public presentations. Forums The engine of conversations and passion online Knowing who is driving conversation in forums is key. We should treat high volume moderators with the same respect as we do with journalists. Images Is all content tagged to impact natural search? Companies often forget to tag all content in the 10 languages that reach 95% of the online population. Micro Blogging An effective way to alert influencers, help propel news cycles A great opportunity to build a network of influencers who want to share your news in real time. Twitter is a prime example. Search Yes, Google is #1, but YouTube is #2 We need to know the influencers on the first screen for our brand and key topics. We also need to understand where people are taken when they search. Social Networks The communities that are often our “first place” to go online Our day often starts and ends with Facebook or MySpace or Orkut or other depending where we live. Video Consumption habits are starting to favor video vs. copy There are over 50 video sites to analyze, which sometimes house ratings and reviews of our products. Wikis Free online peer edited online encyclopedia Nearly every topic has a Wikipedia entry, which means it could be the first information a consumer finds about any topic they are seeking information about.
    14. 14. Brands Doing this Well 14 #YOLO
    15. 15. Back to Millennials Now that you understand that everything is data, let’s have a look at some. 15 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    16. 16. Millennial Conversations Most Data Removed due to Proprietary Nature Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    17. 17. © Copyright Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Frequently shared domains Domain Frequency UMV’s Domain Frequency UMV’s twitter.com 8,869 34,290,315 hintmag.com 46 1697 youtube.com 1,291 163,911,384 streamdb3web.securenetsystems.net 44 80,563 etsy.com 932 11,491,241 media.tumblr.com 42 3,873,261 refinery29.com 575 166,640 31.media.tumblr.com 42 1,679,295 instagram.com 534 25,239,765 keek.com 41 306,765 twitch.tv 283 1,721,205 tv.mtvema.com 38 36,445 vine.co 209 2,918,977 reverbnation.com 38 1,617,619 adoptapet.com 183 989,062 i.imgur.com 38 4,020,389 itunes.apple.com 163 13,127,909 apps.facebook.com 38 74,455,505 soundcloud.com 145 3,475,520 twitlonger.com 36 165,538 thaproducesection.com 130 20,691 washingtonpost.com 35 10,988,215 stumbleupon.com 122 5,210,429 buzzfeed.com 34 7,492,439 twitpic.com 122 488,160 socialclub.rockstargames.com 33 213,008 facebook.com 120 164,616,160 blogtalkradio.com 33 696,263 warriorplus.com 97 105,457 theindianbeauty.com 32 unknown nymag.com 88 1,349,948 gameinformer.com 32 557,880 mashable.com 83 2,143,781 gospelsynergy.com 32 unknown pursebop.blogspot.com 74 unknown nytimes.com 30 17,179,190 25.media.tumblr.com 74 2,192,880 styloradio.com 29 unknown fashionista.com 70 115,415 politicususa.com 29 209,747 datpiff.com 69 2,517,367 reggaetape.blogspot.se 29 unknown huffingtonpost.com 66 45,629,957 ny.racked.com 28 24,929 ign.com 64 4,503,957 bbc.co.uk 28 8,862,146 24.media.tumblr.com 64 1,952,731 taiyomusi.web.fc2.com 27 unknown mizsunshine.com 54 2,065 ultimate-guitar.com 27 1,769,259 • Frequently shared domains aligned to millennial interests around social, music, entrepreneurial spirit, social causes, fashion and gaming
    18. 18. #SXSW Insights: W2O Remix 18 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    19. 19. W2O on SXSW • Top trends @ sxsw 2014 • Healthcare’s first ‘official’ rodeo at sxsw – what were the key topics covered and what did we take away? • Our top 5 insights from the meeting • What we think it all means for you What we’re going to cover 19 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    20. 20. top trends @ SXSW 2014 • The debate over big data versus privacy was the #1 topic. The top trending topic was the relationship between national security and technology, spurred by appearances by Edward Snowden (185,005 mentions) and Julian Assange (48,252 mentions). Snowden’s presentation via video only fueled the buzz around this topic. • Wearables (which are small) will be huge. They were a major focus of the Consumer Electronic Show and continued to be a key topic at SXSW. This will likely continue to be a top trend for some time. • Additional hot topics included 3-D printing, food innovation, mobile, and social business. • The emergence of celebrities over technologists. Lady Gaga and Zac Efron confirmed it – SXSW is one of the hottest red carpets around. Similar to the TED conference, actors, politicians and Fortune 500 CEOs ruled the day. And even within the tech world, its often more about the personality than the company, industry or topic. #snowden • Its all Global. Over 540,000 tweets were associated with the #SXSW hashtag around the world, peaking Monday, March 10 with 160,881 unique mentions surrounding Edward Snowden's session. Only 10% of SXSW-related tweets originated in Austin, though still comprised the highest geographic concentration. 20 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    21. 21. healthcare’s biggest rodeo yet @ SXSW 21 Contents are proprietary and confidential. 2014’s healthcare track was the biggest and best yet – way more than 8 seconds, more like 5 days and 23 sessions • 3 million tweets with the hashtag #sxsw, 72,290 with #sxswi, 575 with official Health Track #sxswh • Key areas of focus included: • wearable technology and how it can impact behavior – and what to do with all the data collected, ensuring health innovation is available to everyone, best practices on how doctors, patients, companies and advocates can work together to advance care, and some really cool technology in development – like a breath analyzer that can detect lung cancer and an ingestible drug- dosage monitor that’s the size of a grain of sand
    22. 22. what do we think it means? • Wearables = human data center • Anything our body does will generate data, matched with all available content on a topic • Actions of our body lead to results on what to do, e.g. Ask MD • Concrete behavior patterns are emerging – what we do with that is yet to come (male vs. female behavior change, disease management) • How we consume information about health is fast tracked • Proof: the shift from 86% of clinical trials being delayed to 86% enrolling early • Mass media gives way to highly focused outreach to right patients • Health is transformed as medicine reaches the market earlier • There’s room for HC companies to engage in the conversation @ SXSW • The next slides shows how one of our clients, Kaiser Permanente, partnered with us to get engaged in the conversation via a customized news dashboard, live from the meeting 22 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    23. 23. Kaiser Permanente at #SXSW
    24. 24. our top 5 insights from SXSW 24 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    25. 25. insight #1: you need to be a brilliant storyteller 25 Contents are proprietary and confidential. Mad Men are now MiddleMen • There is a shift from the brand as publisher to brand as storyteller – and customers should help be the one telling the story • Brand and trust are more influenced by what others say about companies/organizations than they say about themselves thanks to social media • “You have two ears, one mouth. Listen twice as hard before you start to speak.” – Andrew Bowins, SVP Corporate & Digital Communications, MasterCard • We have to learn how to be more active on social media by listening; then adjust and adopt new roadmaps against what the customer needs
    26. 26. insight #2: content is still king, but must be channel neutral 26 Contents are proprietary and confidential. Marriage between content and technology is key • People want to find content that is real, good and valuable to them – now. It shouldn’t be manufactured. Focus is on what they WANT to know vs. what they need to know • People want to feel they are finding something “new” in their content – things that new, stories that are new. They want the discovery, not to feel handled in someone “providing” information to them • Content should be channel neutral – we don’t have a FB strategy or a Twitter strategy; we have a content strategy and technology allows us to activates across all channels
    27. 27. insight #3: its all about the beta (and the next beta) 27 Contents are proprietary and confidential. Sometimes it really is about the journey • “The word “brand” and what that represents is the single most important thing to everything Google is going to do.” – Jeben Berg, Senior Lead YouTube/Google • Everything is beta – if everything stays in beta that means that everything that we do is a test and has room to change and be made better • Every brand has marketing objectives and those objectives are test worthy. How you achieve them is test worthy. You need to study, learn and make better decisions. Then scale it – across brands, the company and the industry
    28. 28. insight #4: making a difference is a big deal 28 Contents are proprietary and confidential.28 Contents are proprietary and confidential. It’s not always easy to change status quo, but it is necessary • It takes optimism, pragmatism and a lot of tenacity, but what is getting marketing and digital teams into the c-suite table is the ability to hear what our stakeholders are saying and bring that to leadership • Give your teams the time and support to bring innovative ideas to the table • Embrace the new – Take risks. Lead. Both within your organization and outside. And then tell others how you did it – perhaps at a SXSW panel
    29. 29. insight #5: healthcare has some catching up to do 29 Contents are proprietary and confidential. Polls in: technology change in HC is happening too slowly • Clear call to action that we need to stop designing for the healthy population and look at how to solve for those that need it • Case in point: Sanofi’s fourth generation of the Diabetes Design Challenge is leveraging open data and Sanofi does not own the IP. Focus is on how to collaborate with patients and service innovators – and that will enable rapid prototyping • Products must be compelling and engaging, meaning beautiful, easy, fun – and importantly, highly available – they must have access to a broad distribution • Case in point: Mango Health, a mobile app that applies gaming to medication adherence, has demonstrated 90% adherence in patients and is now able to charge $3 per patient
    30. 30. so, what do we think it all means for you? • There is a shift occurring – from “big data” to “forensic analytics” • You need solid foundation on the five fundamentals – listening, influencers, language, content & channel • Corporate vs. brand, global in focus • The insights trifecta: Multi-year, real-time and location-based • Use the power of storytizing – not advertising – to help establish who you are and what you stand for • Define your content strategy first, that + your forensic analytics will tell you where you need to go 30 Contents are proprietary and confidential.
    31. 31. Thanks! @naimul on Twitter 31 Contents are proprietary and confidential.