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Good food nayla basheer

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Good food nayla basheer

  2. 2. Lesson Goals 1.To teach the student the good foods and bad foods 2.To teach the student the good drinks and bad drinks 3.To teach the student the basic daily meals
  3. 3. Common Questions 1. What are the good foods for our bodies ? 2. What are the good drinks for our bodies ? 3. What is the benefit of the good foods ? 4. How many meals you eat daily ?
  4. 4. PICTURES List three types Of fruits the girl might select ?
  5. 5. PICTURES Junk foods effects your health and your blood
  6. 6. PICTURES Candy damage the teeth and make you ugly
  7. 7. PICTURES Fast Foods Full of Fat….. FFFFF
  8. 8. TREE FOODS DRINKS MEALS Fruits Candy Launch Break Fast Coffee Milk Dinner
  9. 9. HELPING WORDS Fruits Candy Pepsi Milk Meats Fish Fast Food Water Juice Vegetable Bread
  10. 10. Dear students , please write a paragraph of ten (10) lines about good food and its benefits on the body and health .