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  1. 1. The corporate world thrives on information. Thanks to technology, today the information is available 24X7. However, Corporate world's key to success today lies in instant, reliable and useful information is the key to success in today's corporate world. www.meraevents.com, first indian web based portal, dedicated to events, conferences, exhibitions & trade fairs, offering many unique features, would forever change the way events are organized. We are one-point source for the events and trade fair industry, bringing related information at fingertips to the organizers, delegates, and service providers. Connecting one-another in a more professional, reliable, and effortlessway. êOne stop shop for events êIndustry wise listing ê to day listing of events Day êReliable on-line services including registration and payment êQuick access to every aspect related to events ê can save time and cost You ê active interface for all concerned An
  2. 2. www.meraevents.com A Big Boon to the Organizers So far, planning any corporate event was a herculean task – it was almost like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and marketing it was altogether a different ball game altogether, but now with the launch of www.meraevents.com, it's going to be a cakewalk! Through www.meraevents.com, an event organizer or a company can: ê on and post the event details Log êPromote events through the website êSave time and cost in organizing an event êPrint badges, send SMS alerts, etc.., ê avoid conflict of dates with other events Can êKnow all about service providers and choose the right date and time for any event across different cities. And all these services are just a click away, êMarket the event with greater visibility, it's incredible. Isn't it? across India ê be availed by simple registration - can payment gateway is a part of the portal êCreate MIS reports from the website www.meraevents.com An Easy Reference for the Delegates With www.meraevents.com playing the vital connector, delegates can simply log on and know everything about events: ê the events from the corporate world can All êPrinting Invoice, Printing the Pass, Receiving be accessed by a simple click. SMS alerts, Receiving Newsletters, etc. êSave time and quickly find all the details êSpecial discounts from event organizers and about an event can be found quickly and companies will be provided to the accurately. delegates. êUser name and password for the delegate êDelegates can use the services for free. will be provided. êSigning up, and email alerts on important events and interested area will make things customer-friendly. In a way, a lot of networking can happen through events and this aids in improving one's career and business. So being a part of www.meraevents.com is a real boon to delegates as well. Think, and say 'www.meraevents.com' is truly mera career, business and personal advantage.
  3. 3. www.meraevents.com A Promising Business Opportunity for the Service Providers For the service providers, www.meraevents.com provides real and exciting opportunities and these include: êAdvertising on the website about your service êGreater reach, wider audience segments, so better business opportunities êVenues, Hotels, Restaurants, Cab services, Spas, Saloons, Printing Companies, Stall Making Companies, Decorators, etc.., can greatly benefit from the website So simply log on ,for there is a whole new dimension in business waiting to be discovered. 2nd Floor, 3 Cube Towers, Whitefield Road, Kondapur, Hyderabad - 500 084, Andhra Pradesh, India. Tel: +91-40-4040 4160 Fax:+91-40-4040 4305 Web: www.meraevents.com