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Redbull-newmedia advertising

  1. 1. New Media Advertising 홍보광고학과 1211447 김나형
  2. 2. Introduce client & Product
  3. 3. History Red bull is famous energy drink brand. Red bull GmbH is Austrian company, created in 1987. It is founded by Dietrich Matechitz. Dietrich Matechitz experienced an pre-existing energy drink Krating Daeng in Thailand, and he took over Krating Daeng. Red bull GmbH sell 4 billions cans in a year. This brand has 40 percents of market share in energy drink market.
  4. 4. Product Most Korean know only original Red bull and the original Red bull is famous in Korea. Especially the original Red bull is the Krating Daeng which is the first energy drink in Thai.  Red bull Korea launched the Red bull sugar free recently because Korean consumers are interest in losing weight and well-being.  Red bull Korea does not sell other Red bull series, but Red bull has Red bull total zero, energy shot, cola, and red/blue/silver editions too.
  5. 5. Marketing Red bull does not focus on Television, magazine, and newspaper advertisement. Red bull just emphasize “Red bull gives you wings.” through ATL advertisement. Red bull’s goal is not only to purchase the products, but also to spread life style which is matched with the concept of red bull. Social Network Service is important in Red bull’s marketing. Red bull supports many kinds of extreme sports and festival. Also Red bull broadcasts the sports through Red bull TV, Youtube and Facebook. The most popular example of broadcasting is space diving which sponsored by Red bull.
  6. 6. Analysis of client’s social media page
  7. 7.  In the Red bull Facebook, Red bull posts events, sports video related with Red bull. we can have information about the sports or festivals. We also can approach Red bull TV and games, apps.  Red bull has 40,557,720 likes Red bull fan page.  Red bull updated averagely 14 times in a week.  Red bull does not posts about its product. We can only see product postings when new product launched.
  8. 8. contents  We can see much more video contents than photo contents in this page.  Main characteristic of Red bull page is that the most of contents are written in English because Red bull does not have local page, so all consumer in the world see same Red bull page. We can gain information about variety sports too.
  9. 9. Information  This is a good example among Korean posts. Extreme sports are not popular in Korea, but many 20s have interest in music festivals a lot. Therefore Red bull could draw positive response from Red bull fans.
  10. 10. Information  The posts about space diving are good examples of effective contents. This post got 106,569 likes, 1572 comments and people share it 5210 times. People are interest in this contents because space diving is not familiar sports, and this sports is realized by Red bull. Also Red bull attract people to cheer the man who dives in space through the posts.
  11. 11. Information  This is a bad example. Many people want to gain special information or see unique sports photo through Red bull fan page. This post give just simple example which can be found easily in newspaper. Usually Red bull posts got over than 10,000 likes but this post got only 2,434 likes.
  12. 12. Event Link site  Explain how to participate in event.  This post about event is good example. This post got 25,000 likes and people shared this post 1,326 times. This event did not make people just write comment, the event gave people chance to join simple game such as picture puzzle. This funny post can make people click like.
  13. 13. Communication  Red bull often wrote comments. It was not for interaction with Red bull fan, but it was just for noticing more information. Reading Facebook, we can know that Red bull page does not interact with Red bull fans actively.
  14. 14. Conclusion  I categorized in 4 parts : information, communication, personal, event. Information part of Red bull page is the best, but communication is practiced very bad. The Best –Information • Red bull differentiates other brands through unique contents. For example, if a person is the fan of F1, he or she have lots of information about Red bull as well as F1, because Red bull emphasizes that the brand is always with extreme sports such as F1. This process remind people of ‘Red bull = sports, energetic, festvals’. The Worst-Communication, Personal • Red bull interacts passively with its fans, because Red bull just focuses on sending facts about its activity. Although Red bull fans ask something to get information about products on Facebook page, they can not receive answer rapidly. Red bull fan wants to communicate with Red bull, and does not want just to take a information. As a result, Red bull have to maintain offering the information about rare sports and festivals which are supported by Red bull. Red bull tries to learn how to communicate with consumers because if Red bull keeps on just posting only information, people who do not like sports and festivals will avoid to visit Red bull’s fan page. Generally, there are some pros and cons in Red bull page, but Red bull does a good work, because Red bull succeeds in standing out above lots of brands.
  15. 15. Analysis of Competitors
  16. 16. Competitors of Red Bull  HOT6ix – HOT6ix is a Korean energy drink Brand. This brand sells much more products than Red bull in Korea. HOT6ix Facebook page has 50,340 likes.  Coca-Cola – Coca-Cola is the most famous brand in beverage market in the world. There are 74,103,850 likes in Coca-Cola Facebook page.
  17. 17. Event HOT6ix  HOT6ix often gives quiz events to HOT6ix fans, and it attracts people to participate to the events. Red bull makes people become curious about new HOT6ix series through this post. 131 people wrote comments to answer the quiz.
  18. 18. Communication HOT6ix  The biggest characteristic of HOT6ix fan page is interaction. HOT6ix page treat people with familiarity like a friend, so this page let people visit the page again and again. HOT6ix fans feel interesting in this page, because they can know HOT6ix pays attention to every responses.
  19. 19. Personal HOT6ix  HOT6ix often leaves unimportant messages but always adds ‘ Let’s drink Hot6ix because this is Monday!’. Kinds of these contents make people enjoy this page comfortable and funny.
  20. 20. Information Coca-Cola  Coca-Cola page also offers information. The page does not have information about product or promotions a lot, but information in Coca-Cola page is fun and make people recognize CocaCola unconsciously. Through Coca-Cola lantern posts, Coca-Cola gathered 93 likes and many people bought Coca-Cola to make the lantern.
  21. 21. Communication Coca-Cola  The most impressive point in Coca-Cola page is that fans are also able to participate in process to upload posts. Therefore fans utilize the bottles of Coca-Cola other ways or change the design and boast it to other people.
  22. 22. contents Coca-Cola  Coca-Cola share videos in Coca-Cola Facebook page. We can see Coca-Cola products or characters, logos in the most of Coca-Cola videos. The videos reflect values and images pursued by Coca-Cola.
  23. 23. SWOT & Insight Recommendation
  24. 24. SWOT  Red bull has lots of unique contents such as festivals and extreme sports.  Red bull uploads usually visual contents.  People are tired of seeing product advertising.  Through internet developed, people become much more accustomed to visual contents than text contents We can not found the information about Red bull product easily. To find relation between products and contents is too difficult.  These days people use Facebook pages more than company’s home page to gain product information Korean do not interest in extreme sports.
  25. 25. INSIGHTS  Similarity – I can know that all of 3 brands are focus on visual contents such as photo or video. Visual contents can attract people to pay attention easier and their response to posts is better.  Difference – Competitors interact more actively in Facebook fan page. HOT6ix and Coca-Cola communicate with fans through both comment and posts. 2 brands allow fans to come in composing the brands’ page. Red bull page concentrates on broadcasting and informing support activity, but competitors post contents highly related with products.  Comparison – I realize that Red bull use Facebook page differently. Competitors use Facebook page to communicate with their fans, but Red bull utilize it as a broadcaster. Red bull provides unique information and Red bull suggest new culture through it.
  26. 26. RECOMMENDATION  Information • People access to Red bull page to see the sports videos or gather festival information which are only in Red bull page. Thus, the information which can be find in TV news is not suitable contents. • Red bull launched Red bull light in Korea, but many people do not know the Red bull light exists yet therefore Red bull need to inform about new product actively. • Emphasize that all contents are related with Red bull.  Personal • Ask hello to Red bull’s fans at least once a week. • Example) This is Friday! If you have any appointment with friends, let’s drink Red bull and become more energetic!
  27. 27. RECOMMENDATION  Communication • People have special recipes using Red bull. If Red bull gathers the unique recipes and post on page, Red bull can appeal products to fans effectively. • Respond to each fans through comments, because People use Facebook to interact well with Red bull.  Event • Have events such as quiz or prize draw at least once a month. • Example) Give a ticket to biggest Red bull fan, and the ticket is used for the festival opening by Red bull. It makes people communicate with Red bull much more actively.