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[DeenUP Athletics] Overview


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DeenUP Athletics is Bigger Than Basketball.

This is an innovative community-led social startup that is dramatically changing the way our youths grow into adulthood. By bringing together the discipline and training that comes with basketball skills development and meshing this with dedicated youth mentorship, DeenUP Athletics pushes young people to aim high and put in their very best.

DeenUP Members, the youths we train, are taught to continually renew their intentions and align their life goals. It’s about hard work, finesse, strength of mind, and devotion.

With this in mind, the trainers and staff at DeenUP Athletics strive to provide the very best in terms of training quality and personal guidance.

DeenUP Athletics staff and trainers are dedicated to ensure the success of our hundreds of players. For us, success is holistic. Our players, DeenUP Members, are expected to maintain a healthy balance between training, school, work, family, and community.

Our staff and trainers run day camps, after-school programs, weekly clinics, summer camps, tournaments, leagues, and our very own DeenUP Elite Teams.

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[DeenUP Athletics] Overview

  1. 1. DeenUP Athletics
  2. 2. Introduction DeenUP Athletics Bigger Than Basketball     Launched October, 2012 Create student-athletes Currently in 5 locations in Toronto U17 and U19 Teams in the CYBL, AAU, etc.  Facilitated 9 student-athletes to receive athletic scholarships to CCAA, CIS, and NCAA Programs  Trainers with NCAA & Professional Basketball Experience
  3. 3. Co-Founders Adeel Sahibzada – Basketball Guy Trainer | Coach | Player [Guard at Several CIS Universities] Nahyan Chowdhury – Behind-the-Scenes Guy Marketing | Business Development | Mentorship 2013 Agents of Change [Center for Social Innovation]
  4. 4. Lines of Work
  5. 5. Lines of Work Basketball Training [Public] Basketball Training [By-Invitation-Only] Sponsorships Apparel
  6. 6. Basketball Training
  7. 7. Basketball Training • Year 1: 500+ Players through our training programs Nine (9) 8-Week Basketball Essentials [Weekend Clinics] Five (5) Week-Long Camps [Winter/Spring/Summer breaks] One (1) Specialty Camp - our Toronto Top 20 Elite Camp Two (2) DeenUP OBA Teams [U16 and U17] One (1) 3v3 Tournament at Mississauga Celebration Square Communities: Mississauga, Markham, North York, Downtown, East York, Scarborough, Durham, Waterloo and Ottawa. Trainers: NCAA, CIS, Pro Experience
  8. 8. By-Invitation-Only
  9. 9. By-Invitation-Only • Secret Basketball Projects: – CIS and NCAA Training – NBA Pre-Draft Workout – Toronto Top-20 Elite Program
  10. 10. Apparel
  11. 11. Street Team Volunteers
  12. 12. Partners 2013 Agents of Change
  13. 13. Milestones: Year 1
  14. 14. Milestones: Year 1 • • • • • • 500+ Players 10 Athletic-Scholarship Recipients [BC - NB] 13 Trainers 2 Teams in the Ontario Basketball Association Pro and Semi-Pro Roster Partner Power