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Means end chain


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Means end chain

  1. 1. Means-End-Chain Presented by- Shishir Ramkumar Sharath Ghosh Nahid Anjum Diya Mazumder Rakesh Gakare
  2. 2. Agenda• Means-end-chain• Our product• Attributes• Benefit• Values
  3. 3. Means-end-chain Product Knowledge Attributes Benefit ValuesConcrete Abstract Functional Psycho-social Instrumental Terminal
  4. 4. Our product• Laptop• Sample size-8
  5. 5. AttributesConcrete• Battery back-up• Sound qualityAbstract• Performance• Value for money• Student friendly• After sales services
  6. 6. BenefitFunctional• Safety• SpeedPsycho-social• Economical• ROI• Opportunity cost• Satisfaction• Entertainment• Responsibility
  7. 7. ValuesInstrumental• Status• Stand apart from crowdTerminal• Happiness• Mental peace