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Chain of derived demand


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Chain of derived demand

  1. 1. Chain of Derived Demand Presented by- Nahid Anjum Rakesh Gakare Ankit Jain Abhishek Dujari
  2. 2. Chain of derived demand• Our product - Plywood
  3. 3. Plywood End Consumer Processed Adhesive Wood Processed Chemical (phenolwood supplier formal dehyde) Machinery Technical industry instrumentWood cutters Machinery industry Forestry Packaging industry
  4. 4. Plywood Transportation Furniture Electronics Marine industry Match sticks (buses) Commercial Industrial Domestic End consumer vehicle Customers End consumer manufacturer Interior EducationHospitality decoration Customers industry industry End consumer End consumer End consumer
  5. 5. Competitors• Poly-vinyl carbonate industry• Recycled products (thermoplastic, ‘Ecosheets’)• Aluminum industry• Wax industry• Fiber glass industry• Bamboo industry
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