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Bee B Day

  1. 1. Dear Bee, I'm sure your birthday will be jazzed up in New Orleans! Have a wonderful time and we'll be there with you. Hope you have great fun on your day. I'll be eating some brigadeiros and beijinhos for you, for I'm also celebrating my son's birthday today! These leos are really special people that inspire us! Parabéns. Beijos, Carla
  2. 2. Bee, A very, very happy birthday from a sunny north Germany. Dennis of Os
  3. 3. Bee- From me, too....the same. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. John Hibbs
  4. 4. Happy Birthday Birthday Beeeee... your the greatest ... Love from Leeeee
  5. 5. First TO BEEEE etc etc !! ^*_*^ - Vance
  6. 6. Dear Bee, This was technologically challenging, didn't know where to upload Birthday cake to wiki., or the balloons.... The cake was a Red devils chocolate cake, my specialty, I am sure you can taste it right this moment and it is melting in your mouth ( 0 calories) Best wishes from Cairo, the city of a thousand minaretes. Hope you will visit one day. Cheers, Randa Randa Effat
  7. 7. Dear Bee, I know I´m a bit late, but I´d like to wish you all the best. Happy birthday and a wonderful time in New Hugs, Isabel
  8. 8. Belated Happy Birthday Happy Belated Birthday to one of my favorite Webheads....Bee. You are a true inspiration to the rest of us. Elderbob -- Helping folks understand that it's...
  9. 9. Sto Lat ! Zdrowia (health), szczescia (happiness) i pomyslnosci (and good fortune) to Bee in the language of her ancestors :) Sto lat! (<May you live> A hundred years!) ... Renata
  10. 18. From: &quot;Barbara Dieu&quot; Thank you for the greetings Lee. Will you be there for the keynote with your banjo? HugsBee Thank you Randa. I am eating a piece of your devil's cake right now for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Absolutely delicious. Will go for a walk later and visit the French quarter. I hope I can make it to Cairo one day. It would be fantastic! Hugs and take care Bee Re: Sto Lat! Serdecznie dziêkujê and good to hear Sto Lat, Renata. This is what our family always sings on birthday occasions. In Nola already - went for a two-hour... Hello, I want to thank you for all the support and loving care in your birthday messages and wishes for a safe trip. See you then! Hugs