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Nexus G


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NexusG - Concept note of agriculture residue utilization business

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Nexus G

  1. 1. 3/4/2010 Read the Stats below NexusG NexusG Private Limited  500 million tons of agriculture residues Eliminate wastage of food, water and energy are burnt in fields every year in India 40 % of Fruits & Vegetables produced in India worth Rs. 500 billion is wasted every year For water, Numbers are too huge to quote 04‐03‐2010 2 Vision The Core Team Collection, processing and distribution Mr. V Ramachandran network for food, water and biomass ◦ Mechanical Engineer with 25 years of sales resources that generates highest value and marketing experience and no wastages. Mr. K Manoj j Goal for G l f 2020 ◦ Chemical Engineer with 20 years of sales and ◦ 100 million tons of agriculture residue to be marketing experience converted into useful fuel and energy ◦ Cold storage network for 100,000 tons Mr. M S Nagarajan capacity perishable foods ◦ Energy Engineer with 7 years of Design and ◦ 10,000,000 m3/day Water recycling engineering experience 04‐03‐2010 3 04‐03‐2010 4 Concept Concept Strategic Business Agreement with key  Food  Processing Premium   Fuel equipment manufacturer Ice plant &  Cold  Storage Met coke  alternative Provide Know‐How to Franchise for  setting up plants g pp Charcoal Transport  Market products and services of  Water  Recycling Heat Biomass Fuel Franchises under umbrella brand  Power  BioChar Generation Contract  Activated  Processing Carbon 04‐03‐2010 5 04‐03‐2010 6 1
  2. 2. 3/4/2010 Sample Case Sample Case 20000 kg CV 3000 kcal/kg Capital investment Rs. 10 Million Biomass collection within 5 km Distance ◦ Low transportation cost Steam can be supplied to local rice mill Steam can be supplied to local rice mill Charcoal marketing will be taken care by  NexusG Excellent Return on Investment Total Value realization: Rs. 60,000 Rs. 3,000 /ton biomass 04‐03‐2010 7 04‐03‐2010 8 Business Plan – Business Plan – Year 1 Business Plan – Business Plan – Year 2 Strategic Business Agreement (SBA) with  SBA with carbonizing plant manufacturer briquetting plant manufacturer SBA with other plant & Machinery  Set up 5 Biomass Briquetting Plant manufacturers ◦ Project Cost: Rs. 25,00,000 Each Project Cost: Rs. 25,00,000 Each Integrate carbonizing plants with  successful briquetting units ◦ Establish biomass management practices ◦ Establish biomass availability in respective  Charcoal marketing by NexusG locations Assist franchise to sell heat/steam or  ◦ Briquette marketing by NexusG related services ◦ Generate cash‐flow required for operations Establish 25 more briquetting units 04‐03‐2010 9 04‐03‐2010 10 Business Plan – Business Plan – Year 3 Strengths Integrate 10 carbonizing plants with  Lower capital investment due to standard  successful briquetting plants machineries and capacities selection Set‐up charcoal processing facilities to  Reduced investment risk as plant &  manufacture value added products machinery of a non performing franchise can  Expand the franchise network to  p be transferred to others be transferred to others Andrapradesh, karnataka and Kerala Undertake large scale contract processing  Low transportation costs and higher value  (heat applications) to be distributed among  realization compared to traditional models franchises  Ability reach large consumers and  Establish a platform where buyers can bid  international markets as aggregated sales  prices for their commodity/services need. volumes are bigger. 04‐03‐2010 11 04‐03‐2010 12 2
  3. 3. 3/4/2010 Key to Success For The Nation Creating loyal command area  Higher income realization for farmers. ◦ Pay highest possible price for raw materials Creating Rural Employment ◦ Assistance for Education & Training Rapid economic development in rural  ◦ Undertake community development projects y p p j area & improved standards of living area & improved standards of living Operational efficiency Reduction in migration to cities Appropriate technology Foreign Exchange Savings Value Creation Green House Gas Emission Reduction Strong cash flow management Contributes to inclusive national growth 04‐03‐2010 13 04‐03‐2010 14 Thanks  For Your  Attention!  M.S.Nagarajan ‐ 0091 94421 00560 04‐03‐2010 15 3