TejaSoft Initiative for IT Services - 'Stop Insanity'


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Why IT Services needs a different thinking, what is the Insanity and how to fix it. Our insights can mean Painless time for Management on finding and retaining skill, reliable software rollout, No to Fire Fighting, cut cost by at least by 40%.

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TejaSoft Initiative for IT Services - 'Stop Insanity'

  1. 1. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com What is Insanity
  2. 2. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Upgrade to Services 2.0 Stop Insanity (for Difference Realization)
  3. 3. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Stop – Insanity - We Help You to stop Insanity, for Next Generation Results  Billing Math's  How does hourly rate map to Total Cost of solution  Low hourly rate is encouraging IT Waste, IT Re-work, Bad Adoption and Avoiding Automation  More Team means More Cost, More Time and More Noise.. Optimum the better  Month is measurable than Hour  Term Plans vs Long Term Plans  Term Plans are at least 50% better than T&M or Fixed Bid  People  Recruitment Model  Certified People  Degrees and Years of Experience  Based on Technology is outdated as Technology is changing fast  Solution is Hire People, based on  Professional Attitude  Quick Learners and Followers can  Hours of Working  It is the results quality matter not sweat or slavery  Importance  If Someone Important means, his Knowledge is not automated  Eventual Redundancy exhibits professionalism
  4. 4. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Stop – Insanity (cont.) - We Help You to stop Insanity, for Next Generation Results  Entry & Exit  We are in a age of parting decisions decided in hours, so huge pre-entry checks are insane  Make both easy  It is smart to ask for Free Hours of Seniors, if commitments are not met  Process  Rules can’t bring out Quality results, unless it is a repeat work  However Domain, Technology needs are so different, so Constant Process for ever creative field is a nonsense  Evaluate People on what they deliver not by talks or management skills  Are you Kidding Kind of Expectations  30 Man Years of Efforts to be fixed in 2 Man Months (1/180 th time)..  Million Dollars end value expected with few Man Months of efforts  Be Realistic & Non-exploiting  Trust  Is not a pre-assessment  It is a execution/in-relation time assessment  History can’t guarantee trust – As Business is equally a Stock Market Gamble  Truth  Cheap is Costly  Self Organized Professional results are always Cheap  Results as a way to Reward  Not Talks  Look for Excuses Free Accountability, by giving free hand to right experts
  5. 5. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Stop – Insanity (cont.) - We Help You to stop Insanity, for Next Generation Results  Delegate to Scale  Some how get it done is a sure failure at end – Be away from Management Model of delegation  Effective scaling is delegate what Senior can do  Perception vs Reality  Technology Business continue to live in Jargons and Perception  Silently Keep Reducing the gap for long term success  Theory & Practice  Look for Real Time Theory by learning it through Practice  Debates vs Changeability  Any thing needs change as you deliver.. Try to code for transformation  Unconventional is Conventional - Watch out  How do one say some one is good.. What is the universal reference, because there are 10 years people at different rates in the market  Supply of Bodies has no say in Companies Delivery capability  Positive is not real Positive, So Pay attention to what appears as Negativity  Rules  Professionalism is not following rules, knowing the intent of the rule and applying it right is more valuable  Complexity  Simplicity should mean the value of xyz’s and not complexity  Carrier Mindset  Shift to Solution Mindset
  6. 6. The Difference ‘for Guaranteed engineering relief’ by TejaSoft Innovations Pvt. Ltd. inquiry@tejasoft.com +91-9886723872 13th May 2014
  7. 7. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Who We Are.. ~10 Years in IT Business All Java Focus Only Engineering & Technology 10 people team 4 Specialists 18 to 20 years Daily hands-on coders 6 Junior Developers (assists Specialists) Has Partners in Management area (20+ Years who can be CCO – Chief Change Officer)
  8. 8. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Our Expertise.. USP 5 Million lines of DB Code Refactoring 3000+ Man Years of Legacy Code Technical Debt elimination of 24+ million lines of Java Worked with More than 2800 client team with experience of 0 to 60 years More than 100 Products Integrations Domains Independence (More than 6 Domains) Entire Java Stack Big Data, JavaEE to Mobile 520+ common Indian Development Code, Process and Culture patterns 270+ internal tools to manage code complexity
  9. 9. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com When you Need us..  Product/Project Critical Situations NFR’ responsibility Accessibility  Audit and control  Availability (see service level agreement)  Backup  Capacity, current and forecast  Certification  Compliance  Configuration management  Dependency on other parties  Deployment  Documentation  Disaster recovery  Efficiency (resource consumption for given load)  Effectiveness (resulting performance in relation to effort)  Emotional factors (like fun or absorbing)  Environmental protection  Escrow  Exploitability  Extensibility (adding features, and carry-forward of customizations at next major version upgrade)  Failure management  Fault tolerance (e.g. Operational System Monitoring, Measuring, and Management)  Legal and licensing issues or patent-infringement-avoidability  Interoperability  Maintainability  Modifiability  Network topology  Open source  Operability  Performance / response time (performance engineering)  Platform compatibility  Price  Privacy  Portability  Quality (e.g. faults discovered, faults delivered, fault removal efficacy)  Recovery / recoverability (e.g. mean time to recovery - MTTR)  Reliability (e.g. mean time between failures - MTBF)  Reporting  Resilience  Resource constraints (processor speed, memory, disk space, network bandwidth, etc.)  Response time  Robustness  Safety or Factor of safety  Scalability (horizontal, vertical)  Security  Software, tools, standards etc. Compatibility  Stability  Supportability  Testability  Usability by target user community  Engineering Crisis  Team Attrition  Rapidly Scale Team  Overcome Industry Skill Gaps  Adopt emerging Technologies  Avoid Legal Issues & complications arise out of bad deliveries  Fix Fire Fighting's  Eliminate Technical Debt, IT Waste, IT Rework, Management Pains  Culture Transformation – Change Agent/Change Catalyst
  10. 10. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Unconditional Accountability - Tied to Monthly Payments We Say You Agree We Commit We Deliver You Accept • No strings attached.. We are accountable to fix it till root, irrespective of Politics, Skill Gaps, Legacy, Technology Stack or domain. • Zero minimum business Time lines Commitment, for first proposal clients • For effective speed & eventual redundancy, we wish team to follow us as fast as they can, with best support from management
  11. 11. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Achievements US $100 Million cumulative Savings to NDS (Embedded Java) • Reduced Set-Top Box EPG Footprint by 500kb i.e. 30% of original size • Single Source Build Architecture for diverse client customization needs US $60 Million additional revenues to IRCTC (Web and Mobile) • Built and Deployed Scalable Web Services and Reliable Payment Integration for IRCTC • Sales have grown from 6,000 tickets a day to 6 lakh tickets a day, of which 1 Lakh tickets are getting sold through our web services US $5 Million Savings per year to Logix Microsystems (Portal, CMS and Analytics) • Reduced the Engineering Team by 30 people • Reduced Code Size by 5 Lakh lines • Reduced Hardware by 84% US $250k savings to Small Devices (Mobile) • Built a Strong Mobile team, from 3 to 70 resources with commodity resources • Reduced Skill cost both on Monthly Payment and Time to get them on board • OOAD Porting Architecture to eliminate device specific code branching • Eventually this company got sold to US Digital Chocolate due to Quality of results
  12. 12. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Our Clients NDS (www.nds.com) – World No:1 in SetTop Box Software Stack IRCTC, through Broadvision (www.broadvision.com) - World No:1 Railways Virtusa – Partner for British Telecom for SOA based Solution Logix (www.logixworld.com) – One among the Top 5 Brands in US in Auto Domain Software Products ZoomIN (www.zoomin.com) – India Number 1, Online Photo Prints Company Erasmic (www.erasmic.com) Nuware (www.nuware.com) Small Device (www.small-device.com is now acquired by www.digitalchocolate.com) Faces.com
  13. 13. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Technology & Tools Expertise Entire Java Stack Any Domain, Any Product, Any Open Source Big Data, Google App Engine, Hadoop, Cassandra, Cloud Technologies – Amazon AWS, VMWare Appliances and Virtual Machines JavaEE, Spring, JPA, JDO, Hibernate, OptimizeIt, JProfiler, JPDA, Weblogic, WebSphere, GWT, Vaadin, Struts, Guice, Solr, Sphinx, Elastic Search, Lucene, SOA, Axis-2, CXF, Mule Mobile Android, Blackberry, HTML 5, JavaME, J2ME Polish, Mobile Test Automation Ant, Maven and Gradle Build System Engineering, Cloud Provisioning , JClouds JUnit, TestNG, JMock, BDD, DSL’s, JMeter, Saahi, Selenium, Load Runner, QTP Any other Java Open Source and Closed Source Technologies. TIBCO, Talend Suite, Portals (Liferay), CMS (Alfresco), BI Analytics (Pentaho, Jasper), Work Flow & BPM (Intalio,JBpm, BonitaSoft), ERP (Compiere), Code Metric Tools – MaintainJ, SonarJ, Restucture 101 and many more Open and Closed Source Tools
  14. 14. All rights reserved www.tejasoft.com Think Different & Expect Difference