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Mobile Code Optimisation Services


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JavaME and Android Applications code optimisation services of TejaSoft

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Mobile Code Optimisation Services

  1. 1. Introduction to TejaSoft’s Embedded Java API/Applications Optimization Services By Raja Nagendra Kumar Founder & C.T.O Made public on 3rd Nov 2009
  2. 2. • We are into Specialized Java product services to Software Houses who aim for world class quality at optimum cost and process. • We are a Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) company registered with Government of India, Companies act and operational since Dec 2004 and into 5th year of our services • Founder previously employed by Sun Microsystems who was a JSR Compliant Portal Product Architect • Senior team members have over 10 years “hands on” experience • Development Team - 10 members (including Senior Consultants) • Based in Bangalore, India • We live and breath Java and apply the best Software Practices which have direct impact on the code we deliver.
  3. 3. Our Specialize Product Services are based on 1. Our Extreme comfort on others code and/or legacy code 2. Aim and Passion for Providing Future Proof Products for enterprises looking for mid term and long term success 3. Aim to prove a Green Zone code for Developers 4. An eye for details backed with deep expertise on building world class java products • We deeply understand the costs associated with going to market with a bug or less features. • We have seen many life cycles in the products 5. Our Technical expertise allows us to get to roots and give you the needed value 6. We are a known company in embedded world though our JavaME and Android Product Services 7. We are known for Crisis Management for startups. 8. We do have in-house products and frameworks (TezzMDF, TezzD, TezzVM) 9. Being focused is the key to our x-ray vision and value in this area.
  4. 4. TejaSoft is specialized to provide the following Optimization Services for Embedded Java Applications 1. Architecture and Design 2. Memory Leak Analysis &Profiling 3. Multi threaded applications Performance Profiling 4. Thread Leak, Dead Lock Analysis & Profiling 5. Crash Analysis and Reproducibility 6. Foot Print Size Profiling 7. Code Review and Refactoring for better all 8. Code , Media /Resources Reusability Review across the Products 9. Testability Review 10.Build System Review
  5. 5. • Embedded World • CDC/CLDC and associated JSR’s • Implementation and extensions • Compliance Testing • Usage in applications • Usability and Extensions • 3rd party api customization and usage • Android (SDK) • JUnit and J2ME Unit and most other extensions including Mock Testing • Desktop World • Ant Customization • Web 2.0, J2EE Technologies
  6. 6. • TejaSoft has experience of seeing/using 100’s of VM implementations, though our mobile applications development on various mobile phones. • We do see Personal Java VM’s would provide different experience but due to constrained and embedded nature, we don’t expect too much deviation. • We have the knowledge base of what kind of issues with each of the manufactures such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc
  7. 7. • J2SE and J2ME Profilers • PMD • JDepend • SonarJ • Code Coverage Tools • Structure101
  8. 8. In general you could expect the following results on a Embedded Java Applications . • At minimum 10% performance increase • Reduction in code size by at least 10% on a min of 15,000 lines of code • Reduction in JAR Size and Runtime Memory needs • Improved Reliability with less crashes • 10% more reusable code • At least 15% less if’s in applications • Positive Code Metric • For Reduced Dependency • Reduced Cyclomatic complexity at method levels • Identify Duplicate Codes • Few radical suggestions on alternate approaches and technologies
  9. 9. Our association models included • As a 3rd Party Code Auditors • As a Test Automation Team • As a Refactoring Team
  10. 10. As a 3rd Party Code Auditors, we provide another view and opinions which could enable better product evolution and road map. • We work closely, with Management, Principal Engineers and Core Developers, hardware and C, C++ teams. • We understand past development and future needs/goals • We Observe the current standards and processes of the development • We understand the Integration layers and its interfaces • We understand product versions and variations based on the similar code base • We understand the 3rd party products and open source products dependency
  11. 11. • We go though the code on module by module. Most complex/painful one first • We apply in-house built and popular tools in this area to understand and measure the existing code metric and critical paths • Following our detailed study we come out with our observations, doubts and issues at Module, Class, Method, Relationships and Architecture. • Based on the client technical team discussions and accepted points, we suggest a possible road map for changes • We prefer to do this module by module or application by application • Time span for this kind of engagement could be any where between 8 to 10 weeks
  12. 12. As Test Automation Team we give a safety net for your embedded applications • Our focus would be writing the unit, load and performance test suites for the existing code base of CDC/STB applications and VM API Implementations. • We may also decide to write functional test cases and move towards unit tests. • We work with developers and architect in case code needs to be refactoring for better testability • We follow the code coverage and good principles of test case writing for easy and suite level running of the same by developers and build system. • We have expertise to build test cases from zero to 20,000+ tests which just take 10 minutes to test a module. Before this approach it was taking two weeks (Manual testing)
  13. 13. As Refactoring Team, we give green code and new fresh life next release • This is recommended approach once we complete the cycle as a 3rd party audit team and Test Automation team. However it is not a compulsion. • By which time, we would have know the product and people and process • We agree upon Refactoring goals in terms of code reduction, complexity reduction and time frames. • We take the code and refactoring ownership and deliver the results • We may write test cases based on backward compatibility needs • We have expertise to convert more than 25000 lines of code in just 5 classes to 200 plus classes (including the test cases) and each class not being more than 200 lines.
  14. 14. • Internet Profile and Search • • My customers and colleagues feedback • Raja Nagendra Kumar on google or Respective Technology forums • Google search for ‘J2ME Bangalore’ to feel TejaSoft’s work on JavaME • Could provide references at CEO level on request.
  15. 15. • We depend on Our Experience and Expertise to give you value rather than being focused around tools • TejaSoft (since its inception) is by strategy focused on the Immense Code Optimization, Reusability and Quality. This has deep and specialized expertise matching to your current needs. • In an environment where Management is expecting and supporting, we are sure to give you results that would be visible to entire team and decision makers. • We could guarantee results unlike any others.