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Appworks meetup in Taiwan


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This is Greeting Presentation for Taiwan-Japan Startups Meetup Event at appworks, Taipei, TAIWAN

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Appworks meetup in Taiwan

  1. 1. Taiwan! Japan Meetup!! 20th July 2012 Supporting of your Global Reach Powered by!Open Meetup Inc.
  2. 2. Japanese! Team
  3. 3. Mr “Uncle” of Asian Startups! By Mohan JitSiong Thaddeus Koh! ! From Singapore! Father of Asian Startups!
  4. 4. Mr Japanese Startup brain “IKEPEDIA” Masaru Ikeda! ! Great Networking World Wide!! He is anywhere & anyplace!! King of Japanese startup Media!
  5. 5. Mr Reo Kasai!- Specialist of Social Reading!- ex- Real Madrid Junior Mr Musician, Kaiho!- Specialist of Japanese ! Music Industry!- Major debut as Musician
  6. 6. Mr Lui Okada!- 2 times No1 Japan, 2M DL!- Specialist of Japanese ! Smartphone apps Mr Hidetaka Fukushima!- Specialist of Foods Photo!!- He loves Taiwan!
  7. 7. Mr Shinsuke Tabata!- Specialist of BtoB Web!- Singaporean? Mr Yoshio Narita!- Specialist of e-commerce ! in Japan!- Fashion etc…!Ms Yuka Amimoto!
  8. 8. Appendix : List of attendee from Japan
  9. 9. Introducing myself George Goda : Global Marketing!CEO of WEGLO Inc., Strategic Advisor of Samurai Int.!- Toshiba, Murata MFG Co. Oversea Business, Alliance, Marketing!- Nobot Inc. Marketing Director (acquired by KDDI Group)!- International Strategies GM of KDDI Subsidiary company Supporting companies “to Asia” and “from Asia” Incubation and Share office.! Target is BtoB for Mid-Large side companies Powered by! Open Meetup Inc.
  10. 10. 01Booster by Open Meetup Inc. Our Target is BtoB business, supporting Startups, but our main customer will be !middle-Large size company, operated by IPO, Buyout, International Members Discussing of collaboration! with Globis Univ. Global Activities! Business Development - Alliance, Research!Event, Education, Workshop Share office Incubation! Preparation of Funding
  11. 11. Who we are.. / Professional Company Group as Open Meetup Inc. Norifumi Suzuki : Business Development ! CEO of NextMarket! - CCC Corporate Planning Director, IPO! - Founder of Kids Base Camp, acquired by Tokyu Railway Company Mitsuhiro Hata : Educational Consulting! Director of CareNet, CEO of Millennium Partners! - Boston Consulting Group! - VC, Founders of Ventures (one was IPO)! - Lecturer of Globis Management School George Goda : Global Marketing! CEO of WEGLO Inc., Strategic Advisor of Samurai Int.! - Toshiba, Murata MFG Co. Oversea Business, Alliance, Marketing! - Nobot Inc. Marketing Director (acquired by KDDI Group)! - International Strategies GM of KDDI Subsidiary company George Goda : Back office! CEO of RiyudoCho Consulting Group! 龍土町 - Tax Accountant, and supports many companies! コンサルティンググループ - Representative of Globis Entrepreneurs Club Kimito Higuchi : Oversea Human Resource! CEO of iForce! - ILO Organization under Japan Government! - Supported human resources related to ODA etc
  12. 12. Japan
  13. 13. Japanese Startup Ecosystem (Not all! There are many others!) Angels Media Seed  Incuba5on Early Growth   Later Event * Not Including all related org/companies
  14. 14. Adver5sing  company  are  looking  for  “media”   h"p://
  15. 15. Example of Market / Smartphone!!Smartphone apps Market (iOS)!No1 Apps at AppStore!* Free : 60k-80k DL / Day!* paid : 7k DL / Day!!Smartphone ! 20M Subscriber (Android : iOS = 6:4)!
  16. 16. Examples of Hot Gaming! 1-­‐2MUSD/month?
  17. 17. Examples of Hot e-commerce!
  18. 18. We LOVE Taiwan!! !Today please find good friends and good partners!
  19. 19. Supporting of your Global Reach Powered by! Open Meetup Inc. Open Meetup Inc.! George GODA!! !E-mail :! E-mail :!Web :! Tel : 81-(0)90-9690-5984!Facebook : Twitter : Global_GG! Facebook :