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Power theft


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Power theft

  2. 2. IMPACT OF ELECTRICITY THEFT Lack of funds to operate and to manage the facilities Lack of exposure to new technologies Corruption practices Reduced overall economic productivity
  3. 3. WHEN THEFT OCCURS An illegal consumer steals directly from the distribution lines or from another legal customer A legal customer steals either bypassing the meter or tampering with the meter to make it read less or no consumption.
  5. 5. ILLEGAL WIRINGCircuit wire is disconnected/brokenfrom circuit terminal block Fishing pole connections
  6. 6. TECHNICAL SOLUTIONSElectronic Tamper Detection Metersautomatic detection of:Meter TamperMeter BypassMeter Disconnection
  7. 7. Pre-Payment Meters1. Credit added to the meter on a keypad.2. Credit is purchased on arechargeable token or acard and entered into themeter with disconnectionability.
  8. 8. PLASTIC METER ENCASEMENTSHard plastic encasementsare a type of a meter seal.These transparent plasticcovers serve as a warningand therefore reduceelectricity theft
  9. 9. AUTOMATIC METER READING (AMR) SYSTEMS AMR is a system where power and telecommunication infrastructures work together
  10. 10. ANTI-THEFT CABLE Coaxial (or Concentric) cables Plastic layer
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONIf we are succeeded in avoiding the power theft there will be less scarcity for power utilisation