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4g stratellite


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4g stratellite

  1. 1. Jayamukhi Institute Of Techonological Sciences Stratellites which replaces satellites… By K.Naresh B.Tech Final Year 05C41A0573 Computer Science and Engineering
  2. 2. Types Of Wireless CommunicationsFreespace Optics communication Radio Communication Laser Communication Satellite Communication
  3. 3. 4Generation Wireless Communication
  4. 4. Internet Protocol Based Services
  5. 5. High Altitude Stratospheric Platform Station Systems
  6. 6. Access Link
  7. 7. Stratellite
  8. 8. Construction
  9. 9. Launching Of Stratellite
  10. 10. Drawbacks Of Satellites
  11. 11. Services
  12. 12. Stratellite Communication
  13. 13. Applications It Enables
  14. 14. ConclussionNorth American Aerospace Defence Command
  15. 15. Our Ideas……. such large, unmanned payloads stationed above metropolitan areas and recent developments in sub-orbital flight could eventually lead to traffic problems in the stratosphere . whether technology really exists that can keep Stratellites on station for such long periods of time.
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  17. 17. Thank YouQueries?