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Charger Soccer Club Power Point Presentation


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An Overview of the Chargers Soccer Club, which represents 3000 athletes, 15,000 siblings/coaches and parents in 10 counties. Our teams travel all over the United States.

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Charger Soccer Club Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. “Three Communities – ONE CLUB!” Prepared Exclusively for
  2. 2. Chargers Soccer Club – An Overview•Profile of Club•Mission Statement•Organizational Structure•Programs•Sponsorship Opportunities
  3. 3. Chargers Soccer Club – Club Profile•3,000+ athletes ranging in ages from 4-19•15,000+ siblings, coaches and parents•3 locations – Tampa, Clearwater and Lakewood Ranch•Founded in 1972, one of the largest and oldest clubs in Florida/US•501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status•Membership represents 10 counties throughout Florida•Typical family has $100k+ in family income/Graduate Degrees
  4. 4. Chargers Soccer Club – Mission StatementThe Chargers Soccer Club is committed todeveloping excellence in individual and teamperformance through a consistent andcomprehensive approach to player and teamdevelopment. Our club seeks to offer achallenging, competitive and educationalprogram that emphasizes the importance ofcommunity, commitment, integrity and other“life lessons/values” through sports.
  5. 5. Chargers Soccer Club – Organizational Structure Executive BoardAdvisory Board Advisory Board Advisory Board Clearwater Tampa Lakewood RanchEach location has a Director of Coaching, Coaching Staff, Team Managers and Site Director
  6. 6. Chargers Soccer Club – Programs•Recreational Program – Ages 4 to 19, annually 1800+players, organized in a fun environment, most in-house/sometravel•Competitive Program – Ages 8 to 19, annually 1000+players, tryouts required and players compete in local, state &national leagues with travel throughout the state, region andUS.•US Soccer Federation Development Academy – One of only 80clubs in the country serving US Soccer Federation DevelopmentAcademy in the U15/16 and U17/18 age groups. Also participate
  7. 7. Chargers Soccer Club – Additional ProgramsTOPS – A community-based training and team placementprogram for young athletes with disabilities.Other Programs:-Spring Soccer-Project Elite-Recreational & Competitive Camps-Specialized Training-Adult Soccer-Tournaments
  8. 8. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities - Tournaments•Naming Rights for a Tournament - $30k for all print, media andsocial media coverage.•Sponsorship of First Aid Area – Approximately $5k for 4-6Trainers x 38 hours x $25 per hour•Photo Banners - $600-$700 each•Tournament Only Banners - $600-$700 each
  9. 9. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities - Tournaments•Referee Reception - $1k and access to over 300 referees•Coaches Reception - $1k and access to over 300 coaches, staff•Hospitality/VIP Tent at Tournament - $5k•Wireless Access/Phones - $2k•Tents - $2k per quad, up to 8 quads available•Parking - $1k for two sign boards with company logo
  10. 10. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities - Tournaments•Field Naming Rights - $1 to $2k (up to 40 total available)•Restaurants – Tournament Ad required or for On-SiteRestaurants 30% donation of proceeds to scholarship fund•Awards – $5k for Team Awards 1st-4th, MVP, Golden Boot, FairPlay, etc. for each age group•Website - $500/yr for ad on rotating home page•Field Paint - $5,000/yr
  11. 11. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities Tournaments•Corner Flags - $500 per field with sponsor logo on each•Naming Rights of Flights/Brackets/Groups – negotiable•Goodie Bags, Coaches Gifts, Managers Gifts – negotiable•Tournament Ad Sponsor – Ranges from $10 for a Shout Out 1line Ad to a $1k Front Cover Half Page Ad•Other Sponsorship Opportunities available upon request
  12. 12. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities For Entire Club on Annual Basis•Advertising Banners - $600 to $700 per banner (available ateach location with discounts for multiple banners and multiplelocations•Photo Banners - $600 to $700 per banner (display your son,daughter or team’s picture year round on home field)•Practice T-Shirts - $30k for all programs (3000 players) $15-20k for Competitive Program (1000 plys) $10-15k for Recreational (2000 players)(Practice T-Shirts are worn 3x a week for training and all games)
  13. 13. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities For Entire Club on Annual Basis•Uniform Sponsorship – $30k for all Programs (3000 players) $10k-$15k for Competitive (1000 plys) $10k for Recreational Program (2000) $1k for TOPS/Disabled Program (40)Wireless Service/Staff Phones - $10k for all Directors and StaffPhones and Internet provided at each location•Soccer Balls - $30k for company logo on all soccer balls $15-20k for competitive program $10k for recreational program
  14. 14. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities For Entire Club on Annual Basis•Scholarships – Negotiable, average recreation fees are$175, average competitive fees are $1,000. Any amountpossible.•Tents - $500 per tent with company logo, displayed at eachhome game•Parking - $1k for two sign boards with company logo•Field Naming - $5k to $6k per year. Field named after sponsor
  15. 15. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities For Entire Club on Annual Basis•Restaurants – negotiable, require Ad in return for coupondistribution, on-site distribution and or in store promotions•Awards – negotiable. Each year our club gives awards to allleague winners, graduating seniors, lifetime Chargerplayers, coaches (plaques), managers (gift cards) and specialhonorees/Hall of Fame inductees•Website - $500 a year for a rotating ad on our Home Page•Field Paint - $5k a year, recognized with banners at all locations•Corner Flags - $500 per field for company logo on set of 4 flags
  16. 16. Chargers Soccer Club – Sponsorship Opportunities For Individual Teams•Banner - $600 to $700 with company logo and team sponsoring•Photo Banner - $600 to $700 with player’s picture displayed atall home games•Practice T Shirts - $1k per team for company logo on 3 T Shirtsper player used for practices and warm-ups (mandatory)•Scholarships – varies, can go to specific player or team•Tents - $500 per tent for company logo displayed for all homeand away games
  17. 17. Chargers Soccer Club – Contacts •President – Robert O’Nan – •Vice President – Steve Kimbrell –•Directors of Coaching – Pete Mannino – Jim DiNobile – Director of Fundraising/Sponsorships – Siggi Nagele Business Director – Kathleen Shelton
  18. 18. Chargers Soccer Club – Social Media PresenceFacebook: @ChargersSCLinkedIn:
  19. 19. “THANK YOU!”