Evaluation seventh iii period


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It is an example of evaluation for a seventh level in English subject.

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Evaluation seventh iii period

  1. 1. COLEGIO ALFREDO IRIARTE INSTITUCION EDUCATIVA DISTRITAL RESOLUCIÓN DE APROBACIÓN DE ESTUDIOS 2497 AGOSTO 27 DE 2002 Código DANE 11100127387 NIT 830036325-5 LOCALIDAD 18 RAFAEL URIBE URIBE PRUEBA ESCRITA BIMESTRAL TERCER PERIODO. AÑO: 2013 ÁREA: HumanidadesASIGNATURA: EnglishGRADO: ___70______ DOCENTE(S): Natalia Andrea GarayVásquez – Carlos Julio Porras Estudiante: __________________________________________________________.Curso:__________.Fecha:_______________. CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPTION ACCORDING TO THE TEXTS BELOW ICE CREAM FUN! By Emma Jones I justlove ice cream. Mymomsometimesmakesspaghetti ice cream. It tastes delicious and myfriends and familyloveit. Butthereisnotanyspaghetti in thedessert. She uses ice creamforthespaghetti, cherriesforthe kétchup and a bar of White chocolate forthecheese. I have ice creamparties and allmyfriendshavefun. Theyeat banana cake, fruit pizzas and lots of ice cream of course. Wealwaysplayfoodgames, too. Wecloseoureyes and try differentflavors of ice cream. I am good at this, so I usuallywin! 1. Whomakesspaghetti ice cream? a. Friends b. Mother c. Emma d. Family 2. Does ice creamfunhaveketchuponit? a. Yes itdoes b. No itdoesnot c. Yes itis d. No itisnot 3. Whendoes Emma have ice creamfun? a. At dinner b. At parties c. At lunch d. On Halloween 4. How are foodgameslike? a. Theyclosetheirmouth and smellfood b. Theyclosetheireyes and touchthefood c. Theyclosetheireyes and try food d. Theythrowfoodeachother 5. Does Emma love ice cream? a. Yes shedoes b. No shedoesnot c. Yes sheis d. No sheisnot TABLA DE RESPUESTAS: MARCAR CON UNA X LA OPCIÓN SELECCIONADA. 1 2 A B C D 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 X X X X THE PERFECT SAUSAGES Last June, I went camping withmy dad in themountains. Whewearrived, my dad putourtentup by a lake and webothwentfor a swim. I didnothavemyswimsuit, so I swam in my shorts. Thenextmorning I didnotwanttogoswimming so I wentfor a bikeride in theforest. My dad made me a fire, putsomesausageson a grill onthefire and wentfor a swim. When I got back, I saw a lots of smokebehindourtent. My dad cameout of thelakebutallwefoundwere a fewblacksausages! Thenextdaywedidnotmake a fire. We ate pizza at a restaurant in thetown! 6. Whendidtheygo camping? a. Lastjanuary b. Las june c. LastJuly d. Lastfebruary 7. Theauthordidnothaveswimsuit, whatdidhe do? a. He didnotswim b. He swam in his shorts c. He bougth a swimsuit d. He foundhisswimsuit 8. Didtheyeatsausages? a. Yes theydid b. No theydidnot c. Yes they do d. No they do not 9. Whatdidtheyeatnextday? a. Sausages b. Pizza c. Ice crea d. Hamburger 10. AnswerONE of thesequestions: Whatisyourfavoritemeal?_______________ ___________________________________ _______________________ Whatdidyou do yesterday?__________________________ ___________________________________ ________