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Daily routine activities


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This is a transcription of daily activities from the Mr. Bean daily routine video posted on youtube.

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Daily routine activities

  1. 1. DAILY ROUTINE ACTIVITIES I usually get up before six a.m. Retrieved from: m/2012/04/08/get-upand-rock-on/ I eat a big breakfast Retrieved from: I leave home at seven thirty in the morning Retrieved from: ary/routines1/routines1_1.htm I have lunch around twelve fifteen Retrieved from: agame/viewgame.asp?id=2272
  2. 2. I get home about six p.m. Retrieved from: I check my e-mail after dinner Retrieved from: check-your-email-effectively-andregain-control-over-your-life/ I watch TV in the evening Retrieved from: rchive.html I usually go to bed after midnight Retrieved from: google images
  3. 3. REFERENCE: Harn, Yavinga.(2013). Mr Bean Daily routines. Retrieved from: