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TEXTIENT - Twitter Customer care Monitoring


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Customer’s perceptions of a brand are shaped by both what the company does and what other people say about it. Psychological research has it that emotions, in addition to information, play a significant role in influencing human perceptions and decision-making. With the growing user engagement on Social media , TEXTIENT’s emotion aware, social media monitoring and analytics can help bridge this engagement positively .

TEXTIENT's Customer care monitoring for Twitter helps organisations to effectively identify their customer interactions, issues and provide better services and manage relations by taking timely and appropriate actions.

On the front lines of your Twitter based Customer care operations, Organisations need quick insights to your customer interactions.With just the right customer business intelligence and its visual insights, TEXTIENT empowers you to perform fast data-driven decisions. sense,calibrate and respond quickly.

Any business which has a dedicated customer support handle on twitter can fully leverage our services. This includes verticals such as Financial Services, Electronics, Technology, Sporting goods, Internet services, E-Commerce, Automotive, Business Services so on.

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TEXTIENT - Twitter Customer care Monitoring

  1. 1. ‘Emotion Aware’ Twitter Customer Care Monitoring confidential
  2. 2. When companies today try to meet their customers where they live, they increasingly find that it is on social media. Now that such sites are an integral part of the culture, using them for customer care is moving from cutting-edge concept to business necessity Knowledge@wharton
  3. 3.  Analytics Today is Complex & Overwhelming  NO easy way to Understand Conversations  It’s difficult to identify & get the right insights The Problem • Varied moods & feelings Expressed • Noisy signals • Can’t manually sift & gauge • Customer experiences , response & complaints • Sheer Volume of conversations growing by day Why was flight pp1xx2 so ridiculously hot It was brutal Severe baggage delay nearly ruined the wedding Didn't think we'd have to wait quite so long. I just want to be sure that I wont need visa for the hour that I will be there. my email is xxxx WOW so weird that you aren't able to help Thanks once again for nothing I'm especially partial to the cookie, but the sandwich I got on my flight was excellent as well With tons of messages, How will you ever know what your customers are saying and get a grip of the situation ? Sorry fix your boarding & security process in Panama. I am polite when I say it was messy. Customers on Twitter confidential
  4. 4. Customer care on Twitter today is a nightmare for many due to lack of insights and there are no effective ways to know what the customers are saying... With raising expectations, When you Fall Short of your services, Your business is negatively impacted Customer Commitment, Satisfaction, loyalty and Value are put to risk ‘Publicly available feedback’ of issues may create negative perceptions with the masses. This can raise the risk of your brand reputation. confidential
  5. 5. confidential
  6. 6. TEXTIENT Analytics is Emotion Aware, Effective, Simpler and Easier Sad,Angry,Disgust Anticipation (Neg/Pos) Surprise, Joy TEXTIENT Customer Care monitoring for Twitter User Interactions on your ‘Twitter Care Handle’ are semantically interpreted to detect critical information and recognize ‘EMOTIONS’ that help gauge the conversations, draw conclusions and drive sharper business decisions. Insights , Dashboard Analytics Data Analysis & Scheduled Reports Intelligent Emotions detection (+)/(-) Intelligent Tone Analysis (+)/(-) & Filtering Twitter message stream monitoring confidential
  7. 7. Emotion Possible cause, reasons Remarks Anger Frustrations when things doesn't work as intended ,Disappointments, Inability to contact, long waits, delays, losing something, changes in a service, Bad service, No refunds (stronger correlation to complaints and negative word of mouth) Issues may be severe or may indicate escalation. Characterised by feelings similar to sadness cited below. Dissatisfaction usually precedes anger Disgust Long waits and Delays , losing something, Changes to or No service availability, Bad service, Poor product quality or service experience , Bad encounters, Communication gaps Stronger form of Emotion expressed. Issues may be severe or may indicate escalation. Characterised by feelings similar to sadness cited below. Sadness Bad service , Delays, Issues not yet fixed, Perception about a product [e.g. price] /Service, things not working, Communication problems characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, helplessness and sorrow Anticipation (Neg) Seeking attention , Hoping for a resolution, Conveying an expectation, Something getting moved in future, Awaiting a response, presentiment Expressed in a Negative tone Surprise (Neg) An unexpected issue or fact , Things that didn’t work with all/every possible try, some thing unexpected ,causing shock Characterised by feelings of /similar to dumbfound, daze, benumb, confound, take aback, jolt, shake up etc. Joy Anticipation(Pos) Similar to Pos. Anticipation, But expressed in a positive tone Expressed in a positive/diplomatic/ harmless tone Surprise (Pos) Similar to Neg. surprise, But expressed in a positive tone Trust NA believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of. * Universal and Blended emotions confidential
  8. 8. • Detect Customer complaints and responses by Negative & Positive Emotional Indicators • Advanced Emotion indicators - ‘Negative-Anticipation’ • e.g. Please answer my DM, it is really urgent -( • Performs in-depth Analysis & Filtering • Intelligently classified ‘RAG Status’ (severity) • Regularly Delivered as Simple Excel reports– Email , Web . 90 days Archive Automated Twitter monitoring, Analysis & Reports • Dashboard for Quick insights • Powerful metrics for Decision making • Visualisation of trends through simple Charts • Transparent & organised ‘analysis data’ Powerful Analytics & Visualisation • Delivered as a Cloud service on the Web • 3 steps to get started Cloud based Self Service • SaaS & Dedicated Cloud service for Single & Multiple Twitter sites • Flexible Scheduled Analysis & Reports, Custom mining & Big (twitter) data solutions • Master control/MSP module for Digital Agencies • White Label engagement Deployment models Monitor Measure Analyse Decide confidential
  9. 9. TEXTIENT Monitors & Analyses tweets + - TEXTIENT Smart Filtering Joy Surprise Anticipation Sadness Anger Disgust Fear Anticipation Surprise Trust Detect & Recognize Emotions in Communications * Users complain, respond on your Twitter Customer care pages • User Twitter Handle , Message date & time , Message Frequency, User Geo-location Excel reports - Dashboard & Analytics via Email & Web * Primary Emotions : Angry,Sad,Disgust,Fear,Surprise,Joy,Trust * Blended Emotions : Positive & Negative Anticipation, Positive & Negative Surprise Issues Assessments, Segmentation, RAG Severity, Sorting and Charts
  10. 10. Twitter Customer Care Monitoring – Visualisation of Critical data Customer moods, Issues & Severity scales, Trends, Insights & Reasons e.g. Emotion (Index) Chart Quickly points to the possible nature, scales and severity of the situation confidential
  11. 11. Quickly Gauge & understand the nature of problems voiced, identify dissatisfied customers for remediation. • Helps you to prioritise and act fast • Helps sustain satisfaction and improve trust and loyalty Strike better relationships with the individual customers as you can understand their concerns and issues at a granular level ! Positive Emotions and related Analytics can help discover instances of satisfaction & trust . Leverage this for Revenue driving opportunities. Helps identify and remediate the gaps in your Customer service operations to deliver better results and provide more powerful consumer experiences. Managed Cloud based Self service greatly lowers in-house IT deployments and complexity Master control/MSP model for Digital agencies can help augment their Consulting & Services value adds. Flexible, Scalable & Cost effective delivery models for all sizes of companies to get started quickly. confidential
  12. 12. Users Sign up on the TEXTIENT Site and Add their Twitter Page *, Access Dashboard Monitors Customer responses and Complaints (Daily time Scheduled) Performs Intelligent * Emotion aware Analysis (Human Emotion Aware) Creates Powerful & Easy to understand Analytics as Excel Reports Daily, Multiple Email reports to users/Made available on the Web Reports are Archived on the Cloud for 90 days, Web access Cloud Service - 3 Simple steps to Get started Confidential confidential
  13. 13. What is on the Works ? • Intelligent Reason identification • Anomaly detection & Alerts • Predictive Analytics • Facebook , G+, Email Channels