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What is the purpose of life


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What is Life?
What is more than Life?
Questions... Lotta of them....

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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What is the purpose of life

  1. 1. Self Actualization Phase Sustenance Phas Survival Phase To be useful to Society? Product or Service To make, need natural Resources Betterm-- ent of Society After betterment What’s Next? Name and Fame Death, Photo on wall with Garland Education Job Growth Phase ?
  2. 2. To be useful to Society? • Who is Society? – People around you who are working for people around them • What work they do? – They work on those which are useful for people around them • How they be useful? – They create product and services which makes life better for people around them
  3. 3. Product and Services • How these products and services are created? – By using Natural resources, modifying and processing them as per requirement they are manufactured and provided service as per one’s wish. • Using Natural resources? – All 3 states of matters will be extracted out of nature. For E.g.:- Cutting of trees to make chairs, sand and stone for buildings, mixing chemicals to make plastics • What does these Products and services do? – They help mankind to live a comfortable life.
  4. 4. What happens after betterment of Life? • Name and fame for person who invented • People pay him respect and remembers for rest of his life • Society around the inventor benefits as they make lot of wealth and happiness • Other side of coin, we all in a state today where Nature is no more nature, everything around us is artificial
  5. 5. Death, What did you achieve? • Is that for why you came on earth? • To use up the nature at will, mother who gave you birth? • What did society gain? • Stress, Competition, Pressure, Health Disorder, Obesity, Pollute air, water, land, Load earth with Garbage… are you now Comfort on chair of Wheels… Is this the Purpose of Life? Take long breath and think What could be the Purpose of Life? Why did God created Life on Earth?