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Native vs cross platform vs html5


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Native vs Cross platform vs HTML5

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Native vs cross platform vs html5

  1. 1. Native v/s Cross platform v/s HTML5 Mobile first
  2. 2. About Me…• Naga Harish• AnuBaVam is my company• My Blog :• @nagaharishmovva
  3. 3. Native apps Much better performance Access to all the hardware features exposed by the native code APIs No limits between your imagination and the device’s capabilities Code (Obj C or Java or C#) Build with Tools Submit to store
  4. 4. Native apps× Porting app to another platform need same amount of code or time.× Number of developers
  5. 5. Languages Obj C, C, C++ Java Java C#, VB.NET, Silverlight Android SDK Visual Studio and Win Tools Xcode BB Java Eclipse plug-In (*Eclipse) phone Dev tools Windows PhoneMarket place Apple iTunes Google play BlackBerry App world Marketplace
  6. 6. Native apps – When to go Needs high performance Deal with more data processing. Hardware/OS utility apps. Games and video based applications
  7. 7. Cross platform apps Write once build any where Saves time Better performance It’s young now (but the number of strong selection is growing) One code base Build with native Tools Submit to store
  8. 8. Cross platform apps× Few limitations× Some times we need to write platform specific code× To write plugins/modules again Native code (Obj C, Java, C# ….)× End user may find difference in performance.
  9. 9. Cross platform apps – When to go Your app port more than one platform. Need access to Native features(Contacts, calendar…) Need native look and feel/ performance
  10. 10. HTML5 – Mobile web No app approval process Easy to update new features Save money and time It supports more platforms E.g. :- iOS add home screen Any one web technology Deploy in server
  11. 11. HTML5 Mobile web× Ok performance (but, day by day web also getting more boost)× Limitations (e.g. :- PUSH notifications, File upload)
  12. 12. HTML5 – When to go Need something that runs on all platform Need mobile landing page Need offline data storage * Analytics says “Average of apps installed by smartphone users is 15-20 pre year”.
  13. 13. Comparison Development Approval Device access Speed Code Base cost process Native Full Best Expensive Mandatory DifferentCross platform Full Better Reasonable Mandatory One HTML5 Partial Good Reasonable No need One*
  14. 14. Which one is best..?• It depends up on below things – Type of Application – Amount of data manipulation – Limitations of APIs – Number of Platform support
  15. 15. My Blog :