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Getting started with titanium


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It is just basic information and getting start with Titanium cross platform mobile application framework for future...

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Getting started with titanium

  1. 1. Getting started with Titanium - Next-Generation Mobile Platform
  2. 2. About Me…• Naga Harish• AnuBaVam is my company• My Blog :• @nagaharishmovva
  3. 3. Titanium Mobile Application Source Files Our ApplicationUI API Phone API Optional ModulesBridge - JavaScript -Java / JavaScript - Objective C OS - Android / iPhone Native Android App Native iOS App
  4. 4. JS files to native objective code• JS is statically analyzed• Ti’s Python build scripts interact with native SDK tools .• Native project stub will created• JS precompiled to bytecode(Android) or inlined in a generated C file(iOS)• Your JS and native code package together with V8/Rhino or JavaScriptCore to interpret JS code at runtime
  5. 5. To start development…• PC or Mac machine (for iOS development)• XCode with iOS SDK• Android SDK• Titanium Studio with SDK
  6. 6. Small intro about Titanium Studio…• Powerful Eclipse-based IDE• It will help you create, run for test and deploy (to app store)
  7. 7. Ti Studio (why it so powerful)…• It always notifies you about latest SDK and Studio updates .
  8. 8. Ti Studio (why it so powerful)…• It is so smart, because it catches mistakes immediately!
  9. 9. Ti Studio (why it so powerful)…• Syntax highlighting
  10. 10. Ti Studio (why it so powerful)…• Content assist and more…
  11. 11. Project structure…
  13. 13. Create WindowWe can also set properties like thiswin.backgroundColor="#F00";win.setBackgroundColor("#F00");
  14. 14. Create Label
  15. 15. Create Button
  16. 16. Create Button
  17. 17. Create button with add event listener
  18. 18. Add sub view to Window or View
  19. 19. Log methods
  20. 20. Animate with UI elements Before start After complete
  21. 21. Every software engineer’s first program IDEHELLO WORLD Create new project Folder structure Build folder Error handling (@ runtime) Include JS file
  22. 22. Connect to Web Servicesopen( “GET|POST”, “*HTTP://URL…+”, “*TRUE|FLASE – async call+”+ )This async parameter only for iOS
  23. 23. Connect to Web Services• How to send data using post method?• How to stop request
  24. 24. Keep your app fresh. Use web servicesREQUEST.OPEN(“SHOW”,”DEMO”)
  25. 25. Database• Install will copy SQLite database file to devices internal storage. If file is there, it just uses the open method• We can use Ti.App.Properties to set db install to true. For E.g. Ti.App.Properties. setBool(‘isDbInstalled’,true)• Open will automatically open the DB to perform CRUD operations
  26. 26. Database code snippets• Running SQL Queries against the DB• We can also get number of Rows affected
  27. 27. Database code snippets• What about SELECT Query?
  28. 28. CRUD operationsDATABASE.OPEN(“DEMO”)
  29. 29. Internationalization• Create 2 letter folder inside “i18n” (18 stands for the number of letters between the first i and last n in internationalization) in root folder.• Create Locale folder in it• In that Locale folder just keep strings.xml
  30. 30. Our App in different languages• strings.xml
  31. 31. 今すぐデモ...私のアプリケーション
  32. 32. Applying Styles using JSS• Just like CSS, we can use this JSS to bring rich user interface to apply styles to elements.• Yes, here also we can create “Class” and “ID”. Just like .classname or #Idname• How to include JSS in our view? – Just retain same name for the .JSS file – For Example :- ui.js and the JSS file ui.jss
  33. 33. CSS and JSS#idName #idname{ { color:#f00; color:#f00; height:100px; height:100; width:100px; width:100;} text:”This is my CSS Text”; }.className .className{ {backgroundColor:#fff; backgroundColor:#fff;} }
  34. 34. Let’s apply styleJSS {DEMO:’NOW’}
  35. 35. Cloud Service• Create a server backed for your app instantly• Launch and scale your app automatically• No server coding or administration required• Reduced Cost
  36. 36. Cloud Service (cont)• Standard(Tier 1) – Users – Key Values – Photos – Custom objects – Email Templates – Push notifications• Advanced(Tier 2) – Chat – Check-ins – Social integration – Photo Collections – Clients – Places – Status – Ratings, Reviews & Likes – Posts
  37. 37. Cloud Service (cont)
  38. 38. Cloud Service (cont)
  39. 39. Cloud Service (cont)
  40. 40. Cloud Service (cont)
  41. 41. Cloud Service (cont)[Key Value]
  42. 42. Extend Ti API• We can also create a Module atop Titanium using native code (Objective C or Java)• We can get more Free/$ modules from the marketplace• You can also contribute!
  43. 43. Useful Ti Modules
  44. 44. Macro• Ti for Titanium• L for Titanium.Locale.getString• alert for Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog• And also remember about Code snippets – For e.g. :- button then {ctrl + space} and see the magic..
  45. 45. Few more code snippetsFile system
  46. 46. Few more code snippets (cont)…
  47. 47. Few more code snippets (cont)…
  48. 48. To know more….
  49. 49. To know more (code github)….•• relations••• t_query•• m-jasmine/
  50. 50. Naga Harish