Key components of intenships abroad


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Key components of intenships abroad

  1. 1. Key Components of Internships AbroadElena Villaescusa, Barcelona SAE LaSharon McLean Perez, UC Riverside 2
  2. 2. Questions for the Audienceò  Did you participate in an internship abroad?ò  Have you sent students abroad for an internship?ò  What’s one skill you learned from your internship?ò  What’s one skill your students have learned? 3
  3. 3. What we’ll do todayDiscuss the key components included in a premiere internship program From two perspectives: The university The on-site staff Q &A DISCUSSION INTERNSHIP TOOLKIT 4
  4. 4. Building a Premiere Program ò  Choose your comparison: ò  Icing on the cake ò  Construction of a better house ò  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ò  Starting with the bare bones necessities including: ò  Internship Placement ò  Housing ò  Emergency availability But adding on from there to create a premiere internship program 5
  5. 5. Let’s hear from students 6
  6. 6. What UCR Students Sayò  What’s the one skill you learned? “How to wear a suit properly”. “I learnt different methods of teaching and communicating.” “I learnt how to manage and motivate children, a skill that I know carries into business management “. “How to find work after a major natural disaster”. “I learnt general office skills as they relate to being in another country”. 7
  7. 7. What UCR Students Sayò  What’s the one skill that you want to learn or improve? “How to maintain a professional yet approachable candor”. “I think learning the language with which I spent my internship, in this case Korean, wouldve allowed to much more effective teach”.  “I wish I couldve learned to be strict because although I did motivate them sometimes I would need help from the other teachers to correct the behavior of some students whom would disrupt the class”. “ I found that communication is key. Coming from the US, I found that what I say does not always translate well. So I would have liked to improve this”. 8
  8. 8. What UCR Students Sayò  What support did you have in seeking an internship? “The UCR Career Center had a workshop on working in the government, which is where I learned how to apply to governmental jobs - internships included, and I attended a Career Day in which I received information on the internship”. “The IEC gave me tons of support. What more could I have asked for?”. “During my application process, I also worked with the UCR Extension Center for communication purposes and found it also very helpful”. “I think that my experience with the International Education Center has been exceptional and positive. Having someone who has experience being abroad to help me with my question was very useful”. “Very little from the provider of this particular internship. I sought the help of my brother”. “Right after the Japan earthquake, my program gave me guidance on how to find work”. “I managed to find my job on Craigslist”. 9
  9. 9. What UCR Students Sayò  What support would you have wanted in helping you find an internship or wanted during the internship? “I wish my provider could have been proactive in helping me find an internships, they only posted tutoring jobs and had a tedious application process, or would require proficient understanding of the language”. “What I didnt like about the internship was the lack of communication between the professional staff and "intern students" at the university”. “ I wish I had a clear understanding of what the work day would be. I did not like answering emails and phone calls at 9pm”. “ Trying to find ways to express myself in communicating. I did not have the language proficiency to explain what I needed or wanted”. 10
  10. 10. Key Components of Internships: University Perspective LaSharon McLean PerezAssistant Director International Education Center UC Riverside 11
  11. 11. Internships Abroad : Benefits •  Adds to the educational value in the classroom •  Encourages students to study abroad •  Raises the profile of your office & university •  The economic factor (esp. summer) •  Increases diversity on campus •  Academic credit = income generation Heather Mitchell •  International experience for the C.V. Global Crossroads Medical Internship in Kenya•  Increased opportunities for students who are not able to S.A. 12
  12. 12. Forms R Us -Applications, Resume, Logistics – All the Cover Letters, and Nuts & Bolts Interviews University Role Managing Focus - Goal Setting/Expectations – Wash, Learning Plan Rinse, Repeat 13
  13. 13. Cultivate Connections1 • Study Abroad Office • Career Services2 • Departmental Internship3 Coordinators4 • Faculty 14
  14. 14. Internship Coursesò  What are the existing internship courses on campus? Which majors already have internship procedures/requirements?ò  What does the abroad internship course consist of ? Does it match campus requirements?ò  Work with appropriate offices to develop a baseline/standard internship syllabus with an international addendumò  Determine internship credit hours and tuition fees associatedò  Set baseline requirements/procedures but be flexible too 15
  15. 15. Lots of Logistics*Make Life Easier – Integrate Existing Procedures1.  Application2.  Cover Letters3.  Resumes4.  References5.  Standard Study Abroad waivers, agreements, budget sheets, etc.6.  Internship Learning Plan/Goals7.  Workshops & Seminars – Collaboration with Career Services & Internship Coordinators8.  Consistent evaluation and refinement of learning plan/goals 16
  16. 16. Managing Expectationsò  Wash, Rinse, Repeat ò  Emerging Professionals – Back to the Basics ò  Current skills ò  Language ability ò  GPA requirements ò  Previous experience ò  Previous coursework ò  Cultural challenges and differences ò  Be flexibile but demand quality 17
  17. 17. Learning Plans & Goal Settingò  Study: Goal setting activities have high impact on student learning during in any international experience (Kitsantas, 2004)ò  Integrate goal-setting into existing campus policies and expectationsò  SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timelyò  Personal, Professional, and Cultural Goals 18
  18. 18. What is the provider’s role? Linkhome university internshipand/or student placement 19
  19. 19. What’s included in the internship package?q  Placement q  Customized placement processq  Housing q  360 support from app to returnq  Emergency q  Professional development/Mentoringq  Visa q  Cultural integration/excursionsq  Insurance q  Training of on-site staff working withq  Financial aid adviceq  Pre-departure orientation American studentsq  On-site supportq  Airport pick-upò  20
  20. 20. Universities, Be Prepared to Provideò  Special requirements in terms of eligibility, forms, on-site visits, evaluations, hours worked, give to us along with application!ò  Support of academic supervisor to ensure credit transfer.ò  Full disclosure.ò  Expectations management, again. 21
  21. 21. Key Components of Internships Abroad:On-site Staff Perspective Constructing the Premiere Internship Program Elena Villaescusa On-site Internship and Activities Coordinator Barcelona Study Abroad Experience 22
  22. 22. “CONSTRUIR” 23
  23. 23. Why is this so important? ü  Knowledge ü  Skills ü  Awareness“Knowing why people act their way they do helps us adapt” 24
  24. 24. Working in Unfamiliar Environments 25
  25. 25. Elements to consider when BUILDINGA PREMIER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM? 26
  26. 26. End of Program During ProgramUpon Arrival Pre- Departure 27
  27. 27. Pre-Departure 28
  28. 28. Finding a match ¿ habla s español ? •  Minimum level required?•  Application and •  If there is a range of interview process? requirements, how this•  How long will it take to affects the types of •  Type of find a placement? placements that a organizations?•  What questions are student can have? •  What makes a asked to assess students’ •  How is the language successful intern in needs and goals? level assessed? ____ city?•  When and how are •  Is there an opportunity •  What happens if a interviews conducted? for students to take a student•  What kind of questions language class in- isn´t happy? do they ask? country?29
  29. 29. Finding a match “Expectations for you at this “You will be specific interning in X location” “You will field” have an internship” Internship SkypeQuestionnaire interview 30
  30. 30. Internship Questionnaire and Skype call scriptò  What is your ideal internship placement?ò  If your first preference isn’t an option, what else would you be interested in doing?ò  What tasks do you envision taking on?ò  Do you prefer a lot of supervision or more independence?ò  What experience do you have in that field?ò  Imagine I am talking to this company on your behalf, what should I say to them to convince them that you should work there?ò  Can we speak for a couple minutes in target language? 31
  31. 31. Student PreparationPre-departure advisingPlacement Information letter! 32
  32. 32. Upon Arrival Pre- Departure 33
  33. 33. OrientationOn-site placement team •  Experience with US college students? •  Locals who have lived abroad/US nationals in- country for a long time and fluent in local language? •  Excellent in-country reputation and connections? 34
  34. 34. Orientation Orientation: Cultural differences, Personal Goals Orientation: Health & Safety,2 addresses: Transportation,Housing & City logisticsPlacement 35
  35. 35. During ProgramUpon Arrival Pre- Departure 36
  36. 36. Evaluation & Supervision Intern supervision and evaluation: what’s the system? •  How are students supervised? •  Are any on-site visits conducted during the semester? •  How are the interns evaluated and what does the final report look like? •  How is intern feedback on their place of work received? 37
  37. 37. Continuous evaluationò  1st Evaluation (by e-mail) ò  To both student and placementò  2nd Evaluation (in person)ò  Cross-Cultural Workshops to discuss, reflect, share… ò  Personal Space issues ò  Concept of time ò  Communication style differencesò  Re-visit goalsò  Weekly Work Logs 38
  38. 38. Cultural Integration What is the environment of support? •  How are students led into the culture, work ethic, communication avenues? 39
  39. 39. Cultural Integration•  Weekly get-togethers•  Weekly e-mail or e-newsletter that connects them to each other•  Excursions•  Special visits by field•  Networking events (Afterworks)•  Language exchange partners 40
  40. 40. Professional development What do students get out of the experience? •  Mentoring or coaching happening? •  Workshops or seminars? REFLECTIVE ACTIVITIES 41
  41. 41. End of Program During ProgramUpon Arrival Pre- Departure 42
  42. 42. End of the program Re-entry workshop & final Packet of presentations information about“Adios” challenges of going home 43
  43. 43. Re-entry workshop1 “How to use this internship experience on your resume” Document2 Keep your experience ALIVE– Networking (LinkedIn). 44
  44. 44. 45
  45. 45. Key Components of Internships AbroadElena Villaescusa, Barcelona SAE elena@BarcelonaSAE.comLaSharon McLean Perez, UC Riverside 46