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Muhammad Nafees Abbasi


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Muhammad Nafees Abbasi

  1. 1. MMuuhhaammmmaadd NNaaffeeeess AAbbbbaassii EEnnggiinneeeerriinngg GGeeoollooggiisstt HHoouussee NNoo.. BB--337744,, MMuussttaaffaabbaadd NNoorrtthh NNaazziimmaabbaadd KKaarraacchhii.. :: 00334466--22667711004444 // 0033332222446600991166 EE--mmaaiill AAddddrreessss:: NNaaffeeeess__AAbbbbaassii@@lliivvee..ccoomm Objective To join dynamic and progressing organization offering sample opportunities for diversified experience & enhancement of professional skills & career growth. Professional experience SOIL TESTING SERVICES(Pvt) Ltd,Karachi.(16th March 2016 to till now) As a material engineer Key Responsibilities: • Working as a Geo-tech Laboratory Incharge, Conduct the required tests and record the results on standard formats, test data calculations, plot results and prepare test reports, including opinions and interpretations also write geotechnical reports (ground / geological section) • Working on Geotechnical Investigation Software “NovoLAB”. • Logging subsurface strata, identification of rock, soil and engineering classification, characterisation, physical and mechanical properties and all types of soil tests, Concrete and its’ constituent materials including mix design of different strength, additives and admixtures and production processes, Asphalt and binder physical, mechanical and volumetric properties including mix design. • Supervised the laboratory tests according to ASTM, AASHTO and British Standards, include calculations. • Carried out other laboratory/testing/reporting duties as instructed by the Project Manager. • Sample collections, registration, storage, and manage disposal duties in accordance with standard laboratory quality procedures. • Equipment checking and calibration maintain in good working order and calibrations up to date, carried out routine maintenance as well as
  2. 2. performance checks. • Solved the difficulty in testing, new or varied material or problems that cannot be solved by the technicians, in time. • Conduct the training sessions on Standard Testing procedures, Quality and kept the technicians to updated and familiar with the Quality Manual. • Managed the general housekeeping duties in the laboratory. Perform Non Destructive test, • Schmidt hammer Test • Plate Load Test • Ferroscan Test • Pile Integrity Test • Electrical Resistivity Test • Thermal Conductivity Test SGS PAKISTAN PRIVATE LIMITED.(06th june 2012 to 15 March 2016) As a Geologist(Executive Officer )-Mineral & Geotech RESPONSIBILITIES: As a material technologist in physical lab and site geologist.  Supervise the work of site projects , manage & establish the detail program for the coordination of site activities.  Monitoring the drilling & boring site, sampling, Pitting, SPT, UDS, CPT & Coring.  Carrying out Subsurface exploration, performing field tests, collection field data & preparation of bore logs.  Soil & Rock Logging.  Compiling data, prepare reports & other deliverables for geotechnical schemes.  Performing physical test on SOIL : Grain Size Analysis, Unit weight of sand, Specific gravity of sand, Atterberg limit(ASSTO & UNIFID Soil Classification), Proctor, CBR, Field Density, Direct Shear, Hydrometer & permeability test. Fine & Coarse Aggregate : Specific gravity of fine & coarse aggregate, Water absorption, Unconfined compressive strength, point load test, Fineness Modulus, Aggrigate Impact Value, Loss Angeles Bearing test, Crushing value of course aggregate, Soundness of aggregates, Elongation & flakiness of aggregates, Sand equivale test, Organic impurity test. Concrete & Cement : Concrete mix design, Slum Test, Cube & Cylinder Strength Test, Consistency, Compressive Strength of Mortar, Settling Time, Soundness Le-Chatelier Expansion, Fineness (Blain Permeability) Asphalt & Bitumen : Bitumen Content, Penetration, Specific Gravity, Flash & Fire point. Chemical Test : Chemical Analysis of water and Soil e.g Clorine(Cl2), sulphate (SO4), Electric Conductivity(EC), Organic, PH & TDS. Inspection Of Mineral : Supervise Inspection for Quality Check Of
  3. 3. Mineral Ores such as (Chromite, Barite, Copper, Manganese, Iron Ore, Talc, Gypsum, Antimony) & Coal / Coke as per International Standard Protocol. SOIL TESTING SERVICES(Pvt) Ltd,Karachi.(2nd Apr to 5th Jun 2012 ) As a assistant material engineer or soil testing lab technician and site geologist. RESPONSIBILITIES: Testing of Soil & Aggregate like Atterberg limit,Specific gravity,Unconfined compressive strength, Conslidation, Proctor, CBR,Density, Loss Angeless,Absorption, Soundness, Concrete mix design,Field Density Test , & etc. Chemical Analysis of water and Soil e.g Clorine(Cl2), sulphate (SO4), PH & TDS. Subsoil investigation(Drilling,Pitting,SPT,CPT),Field density, preparation of bore logs. CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING SERVICES (Pvt) Ltd.(2nd Jan to 31st Mar 2012) As a trainee geologist/material technician. Summary of qualifications M.Sc. (Geology) in 2011 (1st div) from Karachi University. BB..SScc.. ((GGeeoollooggyy)) iinn 22000088 ((11sstt ddiivv)) ffrroomm FFeeddrraall UUrrdduu UUnniivveerrssiittyy.. HSC (Pre Engineering) in 2006 (1st div) from Govt. National College. SSc (science) in 2004 (A grade) from New Happy Home School. Personal Father’s name : MMuuhhaammmmaadd FFaazziill AAbbbbaassii N. I. C. # : 4422110011--44552244447755--33 PPaassssppoorrtt ## :: LD1014751 DDaattee ooff BBiirrtthh : Nov. 19, 1988 Nationality : Pakistani Marital Status : Single Computer Skills Ms Office. GIS. Autocad. Inpage. Adobe Photoshop. Windows 7 & XP. Internet browsing. Personal Skill Can learn new ideas quickly, team leader and player, strong interpersonal and communication skill, creative, hard working and self motivated.