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Including Youth in PIT Count (Lynn Morrison)


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presentation from Alliance webinar: "Including Youth in PIT Counts," Nov. 17

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Including Youth in PIT Count (Lynn Morrison)

  1. 1. Including Youth in PIT Count • Bill Wilson Center • Mental health nonprofit agency • 16 programs providing housing, counseling, case management, crisis intervention • 130 staff and a $12 million annual budget • Programs involved in census • Transitional Housing Program • Drop In Center • Crisis Youth Shelter
  2. 2. Including Youth in PIT Count • Continuum of Care • Santa Clara Collaborative on Affordable Housing and Homeless Issues • Provides forum for collaboration with other homeless service providers • Youth service providers offer specialized services to youth that are different than those for adults • Early intervention prevents chronic homelessness • Services applicable to both populations; employment, education, benefits can be coordinated
  3. 3. Including Youth in PIT Count • Steps to participating in count • Be a part of the planning process • Volunteer agency site for trainings, staging area on day of count • Recruit and train youth to be “expert” census and survey workers • Provide transportation and staff to partner with youth in conducting count
  4. 4. Including Youth in PIT Count • Benefits to Agency • Information on youth population to refine our programs • Better data to include in grant proposals • Educate collaborative on specific needs of the homeless youth population