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6.3 Prioritizing Permanent Housing: Advanced Re-Housing Strategies


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The first of a two-part presentation by Ryan Macy Hurley.

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6.3 Prioritizing Permanent Housing: Advanced Re-Housing Strategies

  1. 1. Prioritizing Permanent Housing: Advanced Re-Housing Strategies National Alliance to End HomelessnessNational Conference on Ending Family Homelessness February 11, 2011, Oakland, CA Beyond Shelter 1200 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 252-0772
  2. 2. Strategies for OvercomingTenant Screening BarriersBoost system capacity for housing searchand placement to address commonargument of “but there’s no affordablehousing” Establish housing locator agencies Provide capacity building grants to service providers
  3. 3. Strategies forOvercoming Barriers (Cont’d)Develop tenant education programs withofficial certificates and/or letters ofrecommendation to landlords Example: Oregon Second Chance Renter Rehabilitation Program Example: United Way of King County (Seattle) Ready to Rent Program
  4. 4. Strategies (Cont’d)Offer financial incentives to owners Increased deposit amounts “Signing bonuses” 3 months rent up front Quarterly payments Bonuses for referrals of fellow landlords to the program Housing repair grants
  5. 5. Strategies (Cont’d)Offer time-limited financial guarantees orprotections Rent guarantees Wear and tear guarantees Example: King County (Seattle) Risk Reduction Fund/Landlord Liaison Project Example: Salt Lake County, UT HARP Program
  6. 6. Strategies (Cont’d)…financial guarantees/protections (cont’d) Eviction/unlawful detainer guarantees Example: Rapid Exit Program, Hennepin County, Minnesota Example: Grand Chance Program in Washington State
  7. 7. Strategies (Cont’d)Offer (or stipulate) protective payeeservices to overcome high rent-incomeratios Example: Tabor Community Services (Shelter to Independent Living Program) in Lancaster, PA
  8. 8. Strategies (Cont’d)Master lease units A third party (e.g., public or private agency) is the leaseholder and sub-leases to homeless family After transitional period of time (e.g., 3 – 6 months), complete control of lease transferred from agency to head of household