5.9 Katherine Booton Wilson


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5.9 Katherine Booton Wilson

  1. 1. PORTAL PROGRAM Options and Resources for Movement and GrowthProgramming for Current Tenants:Every Deborah’s Place tenant is considered part of the PORTAL Program. The PORTAL philosophy is acommitment to growth, wherever a woman might in the stages of change, and in readiness to move beyondDeborah’s Place housing. This programming is aimed at all DP tenants with a special focus on preparingthose who are interested for life in housing that may not include the level of services that Deborah’s Placeprovides.Assessment • Initial assessment – individual o Assessment should include current tenancy strengths and issues:  On-time payment of rent  Neighbor relations  Housekeeping  Problem-solving skills  Stages of change • Individual service plan • Signed commitment for those who wish to seek other housing resourcesIndividualized Guidelines and Opportunities • Individual case management: o Monitor service plan o Assess tenant strengths and resources o Offer resources o Update assessment regularly • Employment services (if indicated in service plan): o Individual assessment o Participation in at least one employment services group/activity o Referrals and follow-up • Health services (if indicated in service plan): o Individual assessment o Participation in at least one individual or group health activity o Referrals and follow-upSkills of Daily Living and Problem-Solving • Work with case management on individual issues • Budgeting Group – Juanita, Makeba, interns • Tenant Rights and Responsibilities Group - Carla • Neighbor Relations Group • Seeking Safety Group - Beverly • Crisis Problem-Solving Group • Housing Search and Assessment including Subsidies 1
  2. 2. Humanities and Critical Thinking • Philosophy and application to every-day life • Literature applied to change, movement, goal-seeking and relationships with those around us • Personal Growth – through history, literature, art, philosophy, psychology • Relationships in Drama and ArtPhase V: Move-Out Preparation • Housing Inspection – Housing Assessment Tool • Budgeting for Life Outside of DP • Preparing for the Move: o Packing o Movers – DP will look for discount movers o Utility Set-Up o Security Deposits and Move-In Costs • Connecting to the Community: o Individual Referrals o Group • Start-Up Kits: canned goods, paper towels, extension cord, mop, broom, lamp, plunger, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, sanitary supplies, air mattress & pump (Items can be stored at Marah’s)Programming for Former Tenants: • Home visits: Monthly for six months, then as needed – Intern or any staff • Access to Case Management, Educational Services, Employment Services, Health Services and Counseling through 2822 and/or 1530 Learning Centers • Graduate Group - Monthly • Alumni Gatherings – Twice per Year 2