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5.7 Layla de Staffany 1

  1. 1. DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT INTER-DEPARTMENT CORRESPONDENCETO: Chief of Police, Gerald WhitmanTHRU: Chain of CommandFROM: Officer Layla DeStaffany, 04013DATE: 06-14-11SUBJECT: Request for Special Assignment TimeChief Whitman,The purpose of this letter is to request 3 ten hour days of special assignment time to travelto Washington DC to present at the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) AnnualConference. The workshop that I have been asked to speak at is entitled “Collaboratingwith Law Enforcement- Promising Strategies for Working with the Police.” I will betraveling on July 13th, presenting on July 14th, and traveling back to Denver on July 15th.Amber Callender, Executive Director for Denver’s Road Home, will also be attending theconference and presenting on the same topic.Since the DPD Homeless Outreach Unit started in 2007, my partner and I have beenconsulted by numerous departments who want to know what we do in the fight againsthomelessness. Many of these departments have implemented our best practices and somehave even modeled similar units after us. Speaking at this conference will give me anopportunity to share what has and hasn’t worked for us. This is an opportunity, with anational audience, to highlight the strides the DPD has made as partners with ourcommunity to deal with homeless issues.The NAEH will pay for my travel and lodging. Some meals are provided at the conferenceso I am not asking for any money from the Department for this trip. I am planning onwearing a suit for the presentation unless you would rather have me in uniform. Thank youfor your consideration in this matter.Respectfully,Officer Layla DeStaffanyCommander Lopez
  2. 2. Division Chief QuinonesDeputy Chief BattistaChief Whitman