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3.4 Effectively Collecting, Coordinating, and Using Youth Data


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3.4 Effectively Collecting, Coordinating, and Using Youth Data

Speaker: Shahera Hyatt

Data is essential to create effective evidence-based strategies to prevent and end homelessness. This workshop will examine methodologies of point-in-time counts and other surveys, discuss coordinating HMIS with mainstream data systems and explore ways to use these data to inform policy decisions and interventions.

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3.4 Effectively Collecting, Coordinating, and Using Youth Data

  1. 1. Homeless Youth Data, A StatePerspectiveShahera R. HyattCalifornia Homeless Youth ProjectFebruary 9th, 2012
  2. 2. Why State-Level Data is Important Funding is based on data Resources are limited Measuring change over time is critical for state policy
  3. 3. Where We Are Now States lack data on the homeless youth population Data collection is inconsistent and unreliable The needs of HY are under- represented as a result
  4. 4. Where We Want to End Up A reliable statewide number of HY is important to all stakeholders States need data on homeless youth in order to prevent and end homelessness
  5. 5. How We’re Going to Get There Establish a State Interagency Council on Homelessness Convene a statewide task force on youth homelessness data Coordinate existing state-level homelessness data collection among state agencies
  6. 6. How We’re Going to Get There P.2 Coordinate with existing federal and local homelessness data collection efforts Utilize and modify existing statewide surveys and research Establish uniform approaches to collecting data
  7. 7. How We’re Going to Get There P.3 Promote and distribute a “best practices” toolkit with CoC jurisdictions Work with CDE to increase data from LEAs on unaccompanied HY Collaborate with national studies and other efforts to identify HY
  8. 8. Comments or Questions?Please feel free to contact me for more info.