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2.1 Jennifer Ho


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2.1 Jennifer Ho

  1. 1. Opening Doors UpdateNational Alliance to End Homelessness Conference July 13 2011 13,
  2. 2. Opening Doors Goals of Opening Doors 1. 1 Finish the job of ending chronic homelessness by 2015 2. Prevent and end homelessness among Veterans by 2015 3. 3 Prevent and end homelessness for families youth and families, youth, children by 2020 4. Set a path to ending all types of homelessness p g yp2 http:/
  3. 3. Annual Update Highlights Annual Update Highlights  Strong support for Opening Doors  Opening Doors is still the right roadmap  Good work happening in context of  recession  Laying the groundwork for future success  Better collaboration  Better data collection  Engaged communities3 http:/
  4. 4. Annual Update Highlights Annual Update Highlights Key Accomplishments  Unprecedented collaboration Unprecedented collaboration   Enhanced data collection, analysis, and reporting   Better use of targeted resources g  Improved access to mainstream resources   Increased engagement with states and local communities  President’s FY 2012 Budget proposal4 http:/
  5. 5. Interagency Collaboration – g y vouchers and services  HUD‐VASH  Chronic Signature Initiative with HUD Chronic Signature Initiative with HUD  and HHS  Families with Children Signature  Initiative with HUD, HHS and Education5 http:/
  6. 6. Collaboration ‐ Veterans  Collaboration Veterans  VA Medical Centers: developing local VA 5 Year Plans; working with  local stakeholders   Increased focus on female Veterans and their families  in DOL’s HVRP program  Collaborative work to review barriers to mainstream programs for  Veterans  Interagency prevention pilot in five sites (HUD, VA, Labor)   Education and VA:  working together to improved understanding  educational rights of homeless children  HUD and VA: improving data collection and reporting through 2011  PIT; Vets AHAR; HMIS6 http:/
  7. 7. Collaboration – Collaboration Families  Significant work on 10K Housing Choice Vouchers  Demonstrations  W kl i t Weekly interagency engagement  t  Common vocabulary discussion  Impact of HPRP and upcoming ESG Impact of HPRP and upcoming ESG  Engaging Education’s state coordinator and local liaisons about  local and state involvement  Broadened participation by Department of Education7 http:/
  8. 8. Unaccompanied Youth Unaccompanied Youth  USICH: increasing understanding through program visits and  focus groups  Youth signature initiative: concept development    HUD and HHS: improving data collection and reporting  through 2011 PIT; HMIS/RHYMIS  More interagency collaboration for foster youth, youth  leaving juvenile justice, and LGBTQ youth8 http:/
  9. 9. Collaboration – Collaboration DOJ  Summit ‐ Searching for Balance: Civic  Engagement in Communities  g g Responding to Homelessness  Report: alternatives to  criminalization9 http:/
  10. 10. USICH Sign up for our newsletter at www.usich.gov10 http:/