Logic synthesis with synopsys design compiler


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Logic synthesis with synopsys design compiler

  1. 1. Logic Synthesis withSYNOPSYS DESIGN COMPILER Presenters: Muhammad Umer Kakli Muhammad Naeem Tayyab
  2. 2. AgendaASIC Design FlowLogic SynthesisLogic Synthesis ProcessDesign CompilerDC Flow Synthesis StepsGetting Started with DCQ & A
  3. 3. ASIC Design FlowDr. Osman Hasan’s Lectures on ASIC Design Methodology, SEECS, NUST, 2011
  4. 4. Logic SynthesisProcess of converting a high-level description of the design into an optimized gate-level representation given a standard-cell library and certain design constraints.
  5. 5. Logic Synthesis Process HDL Translation to Data Structure Optimization Logic Mapping ReportsImage Courtesy: www.docstoc.com/docs/27375300/Logic-Synthesis-with-Synopsys
  6. 6. Logic Synthesis Tools“Design Compiler” by Synopsys“Encounter RTL Compiler” by Cadence“TalusDesign” by Magma Design Automation
  7. 7. The Design CompilerIt is the core of the Synopsys synthesis software products. It includes tools that synthesis the HDL designs into optimized technology-dependent, gate level designs. It can optimize for speed, area and power.Interfaces - Design Vision - dc_shell
  8. 8. Flow through Design Compilerhttp://wenku.baidu.com/view/32dd1c7ca26925c52cc5bf61.html
  9. 9. Logic Synthesis StepsDevelop HDL FilesSpecify LibrariesRead DesignDefine Design EnvironmentSet Design ConstraintOptimize the DesignAnalyze and Resolve the Design Problems
  10. 10. Getting StartedInitialization - $ source /share/tktprog/synopsys/syn-2007.03-SP2/syn.sh
  11. 11. Project SetupDirectory Structure
  12. 12. Project Setup (Contd.)Setup File - .synposys_dc.setup
  13. 13. Invoking Design Vision $ design_vision
  14. 14. Example4-bit Ripple Carry Adder
  15. 15. Checking LibrariesFile -> setup get_design_lib_path WORK - ./SYN/WORK/ library
  16. 16. Reading DesignLoad design into Design Compiler Memory. It consists of two operations - Analyzing design: Top level of Hierarchy - Elaborating design: Lower level block associated
  17. 17. Reading Design (Analyze)File->analyze analyze -library WORK -format vhdl {./SRC/ha.vhd ./SRC/fa.vhd ./SRC/rca.vhd ./SRC/adder.vhd}
  18. 18. Reading Design (Elaborate)File->elaborate elaborate ADDER -architecture RTL -library WORK - parameters"N=4"
  19. 19. Checking Design StructureUsing Hierarchy Browser
  20. 20. Checking Design Structure (Contd.)Creating Design Schematic
  21. 21. Look for Multiple Designs check_design -multiple_designs
  22. 22. Saving DesignFile->Save As write_file -format ddc -hierarchy -output ./SYN/DDC/adder_N4_elab.ddc
  23. 23. Setting ConstraintsCreate or modify a clockSet input and output delays Set drive strengths Set loadsSelect operating conditions Choose a wire load model
  24. 24. Setting ConstraintsMenubar->Attribute
  25. 25. Setting Constraints (Contd.) create_clock -name "clk" -period 4 -waveform {0 2} {clk} set_clock_uncertainty 0.1 clk set_clock_latency 0.2 clk set_clock_transition 0.1 clk set_dont_touch_network clk set_driving_cell -library umcl18g212t3_tc_180V_25C -lib_cell HDDFFPB1 -pin Q [get_ports a] set_driving_cell -library umcl18g212t3_tc_180V_25C -lib_cell HDINVD1 -pin Z [get_ports b] set_load [load_of umcl18g212t3_tc_180V_25C/HDDFFPB1/D] [get_ports s] set_input_delay 0.67 [get_ports b] -clock clk set_output_delay 0.5 [get_ports s] -clock clk set_max_area 1000
  26. 26. Optimizing the DesignDesign->Compile compile
  27. 27. Optimizing the Design
  28. 28. Design Analysis and ReportingReport Design (Design->Report Design)Report Wire Loads (Design->Report Wire Loads)Report Ports (Design-> Report Ports )Report Clocks (Design-> Report Clocks )Report Area (Design-> Report Area )Report Power (Design-> Report Power )
  29. 29. Design Analysis and Reporting (Contd.) report_constraint -all_violators report_area > ./SYN/RPT/report_area_default.txt
  30. 30. Critical PathHighlight->Critical Path
  31. 31. Critical Path (Full Path at Glance)Schematic -> New Path Schematic View
  32. 32. Synthesis Results Noncombinational Area/µm² 274.17 Combinational Area/µm² 367.71 Total Area/µm² 641.89 Critical Path Slack/ns 1.69 Total Negative Slack/ns 0.0 Levels of Logic 9 Leaf Cell Count 26Are you fine with results? SAVE the Synthesized design.  write_file -format ddc -hierarchy –output Compiled Design ./SYN/DDC/adder_N4_default_compiled.ddc Database  write_file -format verilog -hierarchy -output Verilog/VHDL ./SYN/NETLIST/adder_N4_default_compiled.v Netlist
  33. 33. References http://www.tkt.cs.tut.fi/tools/public/tutorials/synopsys/design_co mpiler/gsdc.html#read_design http://www.engr.sjsu.edu/tle/271_DV_tut.pdf http://www.ece.wisc.edu/~morrow/ECE551/tutorials/DesignVision Tutorial_f07.pdf
  34. 34. Q&A