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Oral presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Oral presentation

  1. 1. The Creating of The Magazine.
  2. 2. Media Literacy • Media affects you • Subliminal messages attack you every day of your life. • Media is good but we should be able to have logical thoughts and interpret things on our own rather than just believing what we hear.
  3. 3. Development of the World Wide Web • Created by Tim Berners Lee in 1989 • Scientist had problems delivering • Benefits of WWW: information source, experiments to those who were communicate with family and absent. friends, advertisements and • Berners Lee came up with the idea of using the internet to connect many computers. the list goes on
  4. 4. MAC vs. PCs • In the Bahamas...most of the population has a PC, only a minority of the population owns a MAC. • In most schools in the computer labs contain PCs because its cheaper to buy a room full of PCs than to buy a room full of MACs. • To every 2 PCs you buy, you can maybe get one MAC. • Most schools have the impression that PCs can get the job done of allowing students to become computer literate. • Only a few schools are blessed to have their students practice their computer literacy skills on MACs.
  5. 5. Television in The Bahamas • 1911 Royal and Imperial Theaters • 1949 & 1963 Sidney Poitier • Job Opportunities • 1937 The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas • 1994 Canadian Investors • Local programming?
  7. 7. Global Media and The Bahamas. • Mediums of Global Media • Global Media impacts us through: • Music • Newspapers • Television • Radio • What we wear
  8. 8. Radio in the Bahamas. • Radio is historic • The average Bahamian comes into contact with radio almost every day • Radio is extremely influential in the Bahamas • Bahamians must understand the power of radio • Radio is a part of our culture.