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Nadya E. Putri (Public Speaking Chapter 8)


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Nadya E. Putri (Public Speaking Chapter 8)

  1. 1. Nadya Eka Putri Lecturer: Sutria Rahayu M. Pd English Department Public Speaking
  2. 2. Chapter 8 : Delivery Impromptu Speeches Manuscript Speeches Memorized Speeches Extemporaneous Speeches Nonverbal Comunication
  3. 3. Impromptu speeches 1)Keep your speech short and to the point; 2)Try to use illustrations for supporting material; 3)Handle only one main point; 4)Make sure your central idea and purpose are absolutely clear to your audience.
  4. 4. Manuscript speeches 1) Type your manuscript speech in capital letters, 2) Edit your speech by reading each sentence aloud, 3) Indicate places of emphasis and pauses, 4) Practice your manuscript by reading it aloud, 5) Use appropriate facial expression and body action.
  5. 5. Memorized speech 1) It takes an inordinate of time to memorize a speech, particularly material, particularly a long one; 2) It takes a skillful actor to deliver memorized material in a natural, spontaneous way; 3) The speaker who delivers a memorized speech runs the risk of forgetting; 4) As with the manuscript speech, it is difficult to change a memorized speech to adapt to feedback from the audience
  6. 6. Extemporaneous speech Nonverbal Comunication: 1. Kinesics 2. Paralanguage 3. Proximity
  7. 7. Kinesics a.Body Movement: a) Descriptive Gestures b) Emphatic Gestures b.The Face and Eyes
  8. 8. Paralanguage a. Vocal Elements: a) Rate b) Pause c) Volume d) Pith e) Quality
  9. 9. b. Articulation The process of forming the consonant and vowel sounds of words. c. Pronunciation Pronunciation more complex than articulation because pronunciation means saying a word the way it should be said.
  10. 10. proxemics a.Intimate Distance b.Personal Distance c. Social Distance d.Public Distance
  11. 11. Thank You For Your Attention