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Best practices march 2012

  1. 1. Best Practices for Integrating Premium Domains CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. NameMedia Best Practices These best practices have been implemented throughout our partner network, including 6 out of 10 largest registrars in the world These recommendations are based on user testing and conversion rate monitoring All best practices are illustrated by current implementations, although some screenshots might change with time Partners who implement these best practices generate 200% more Premium Domains revenue 1
  3. 3. Direct Search Results Drive Highest ConversionShow often, show earlyWith the average gestation period of27 days, it is vital to exposepremium domains to the customerclose to direct match resultsEducating visitors helps to differentiatebetween primary and premium domainsto increase your salesPriced Domains are 10X more likely tosell compared to those with no pricePremium Names Listed From MainSearch above the fold increase salesopportunity 2
  4. 4. Clean, Simple and Attractive Search Results PageThis registrar’sconversion rate is up to15x higher than that ofsome other providersHighlighted Premium DomainAvailabilityPremium DomainMore Options SectionView All Premium DomainResults Link – allows visitors toselect from a variety of premiumdomains and price ranges 3
  5. 5. Exact Match Results Increase Sales ConversionShow as availableDisplaying an exact-match premiumdomain as available and selecting itfor checkout help transition to asmooth saleExact Match allows for a smooth transition tocheck out and fulfillmentPremium Domain Tableading to robust inventory of premiumalternatives 4
  6. 6. Phone Support Drive More SalesEnable phone supportPhone-assisted sales bring10% increase vs. web leads. OtherWe can train your sales team 7%to handle premium domain Monikersales or handle your calls foryou – for free! 8% Sedo 19% 47%Sales Team – involve salesteam, if applicable, and/or whenno price 5
  7. 7. Marketing Provides Sales OpportunitiesMarket premium domains via newsletters, emails, blog postsdisplaying domains on sale. Don’t forget to link directly to acomplete list are very effective in boosting sales, siterecognition, and ancillary services 6
  8. 8. Email Reminders Provide Sales OpportunitiesTarget existing domain owners topromote premium domains similarto those they already ownRenewal reminders areconvenient for suggesting shorterversions of the same name, orkeyword-based related namesConfirmation emails canfeature the same name with typosor in other extensions, or simplyrelated names for when thecustomer is still active inpurchasing names 7 7
  9. 9. WHOIS Provides Sales OpportunitiesLeverage WHOIS search canalso be a sales tool for exactmatches and alternativesPurchase button: “Buy now” or“Make an offer”Alternatives AvailablePremium Alternatives 8
  10. 10. Distribution Channel Scales your SalesOffer premium domainsthrough resellersScale your direct sales effortsthroughout your networkProvide marketing collateral tohelp resellers carry premium domainnames easily on their sitesEducate resellers on what premiumdomains are, how to integrate and sellthem successfully 9 9
  11. 11. Brokerage Service Drives Incremental RevenueEnable Afternic AgentbrokerageStart receiving incrementalcommissions from all sign-upsand sales of domains not listedfor sale on the DLS network withminimal integration effort. 10
  12. 12. Appraisal Service Drives Incremental RevenueEnable appraisal servicesFor customers wishing to listtheir domains for sale, you canoffer professional appraisalservices and earn revenueshare with every sign-up 11
  13. 13. Best Practices - Review Promote premium names on your website:  In Main Search results with asking price displayed  In Exact Match results in the top strip  In Related Domains above the fold  Through assisted phone sales & support Market premium domains through other properties:  Newsletters, Blogs, Control Panel, WHOIS, other web properties  Renewal Notice & target campaigns with related premium names  Reseller network Grow revenue with additional services:  Afternic Agent brokerage service  Afternic Appraisal service 12
  14. 14. Next Steps Please contact us to see how premium domains could integrate with your websiteBob Mountain Senior Vice President, Business Development +1 508.878.0469Carissa Pompei Business Development Associate +1 781.839.2876Nadya Morozova Director of Business Development, NameMedia Europe +44 78 2612 1912 13