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RDOs on a Mission to Support Military Communities and Families


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During the 2019 NADO Annual Training Conference (October 19 - 22 in Reno, NV), Pat Steed shares information on how RDOs are utilizing their expertise to support the military, military families and communities.

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RDOs on a Mission to Support Military Communities and Families

  1. 1. Avon Park Air Force Range (APAFR) Sentinel Landscape Central Florida Regional Planning Council Patricia M. Steed Executive Director
  2. 2. The Partnership Begins 2004 (State of Florida) • Encourage compatible land uses • Prevent incompatible encroachment around military installations • Local governments required to transmit proposed relevant Comprehensive Plan & Land Development Code amendments for neighboring military installation for review • Address compatibility in Comp Plans
  3. 3. Avon Park Air Force Range • World-class training for all branches of the Armed Forces+ • Largest Primary Training Range east of the Mississippi River • 106,000+ acre day/night training range
  4. 4. APAFR Partnership • 2010 Joint Land Use Study (JLUS is Federally funded) • Portions of 4 Central Florida Counties and 3 Cities • Coordinating local, state, federal and non-governmental efforts to protect the Military Mission
  5. 5. • 20 Military Installations in Florida. • Provide a $84.9 billion annual economic impact. • More than 800,000 jobs in Florida. The Military’s Economic Benefits to the State of Florida
  6. 6. Agriculture’s Economic Benefits to the State of Florida • 2nd in economic importance just after tourism • >$160 billion in sales revenues • >1.5 million jobs
  7. 7. Sentinel Landscape Basics • 2013 Partnership between: • US Department of Agriculture (USDA) • US Department of Defense (DOD) • US Department of Interior (DOI) • APAFR designated in 2016 as 1 of 7 Sentinel Landscapes nationwide
  8. 8. Our Mission A Partnership for the future: • Supporting our agriculture • Respecting our natural resources • Strengthening our national defense
  9. 9. Agricultural Efforts • Florida Forest Service’s Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (easement partnerships) • Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (easement partnerships) • Local Soil and Water Conservation District’s Best Management Practices (outreach) • Florida Farm Bureau Federation and USDA’s Farm Service Agency (outreach and financial assistance)
  10. 10. Natural Resource Efforts • Coastal and Heartland National Estuary Partnership (outreach and coordination) • US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Everglades Headwaters Refuge and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (easement partnerships and financial assistance) • The Nature Conservancy’s long-standing relationship (easement partnerships) • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Landowner Assistance Program (outreach) • Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Forever Acquisition Program (easements partnerships) • Local Natural Resources Programs (outreach and easement partnerships)
  11. 11. National Defense Efforts • Support endangered species through land stewardship efforts • Encourage compatible development with emphasis on working lands and conservation • Leverage the Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program (REPI) to support partnerships
  12. 12. •Prioritization •Engagement •Partnerships •Support Military Influence Planning Areas (MIPAs)
  13. 13. Accomplishments to Date • Completed GIS Database • Priority Action Plan completed to guide and assess activities • Conservation Guide developed for Landowner distribution • Monthly meetings with Federal Coordinating Committee as well as Local Coordination Group • Partnership Representatives from 35 organizations routinely engage in Sentinel Landscape efforts • Coordinate proposals to Department of Defense’s REPI program to secure additional funding for land conservation • Managing established relationships while building new ones • Rank priorities for USDA’s Agricultural Land Easement applications
  14. 14. LAX 2019 • Outreach event held in Sebring • Focused on cost-share, technical assistance, and conservation easement opportunities • 17 presenters/exhibitors from local, state, federal, and non- governmental organizations (including landowners) • Attendees from 10 counties
  15. 15. Efforts Ongoing / Moving Forward • Priority consideration in existing funding processes to landowners • Joint programs and projects • Easier and faster delivery of conservation programs • Improved coordination across different resource priorities • File share resource • Program Coordinator (CFRPC staff) • Alternative incentive-based conservation tools
  16. 16. Efforts Ongoing / Moving Forward • Interactive, Realtime GIS Database • Action Plan Implementation (innovative conservation tools) • Continued Coordination
  17. 17. APAFR Sentinel Landscape For information, visit our website. or