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RDOs on a Mission to Support Military Communities and Families


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During the 2019 NADO Annual Training Conference (October 19 - 22 in Reno, NV), Diane Rath shares information on how RDOs are utilizing their expertise to support military families and communities.

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RDOs on a Mission to Support Military Communities and Families

  1. 1. AACOG and JBSA presented by Diane Rath Executive Director October, 2019 Alamo Area Council of Governments
  2. 2. Regional Councils are public agencies serving local governments to solve regional problems or provide services that extend beyond one jurisdiction Neutral Forum for Communication, Co-ordination and Collaboration The Board is composed of local elected officials from different levels of government (municipalities, counties, school boards, hospital districts, soil & water districts, mpo…..)
  3. 3. AACOG Region AACOG serves the Alamo Area State Planning Region 18, which is comprised of Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, McMullen, Medina and Wilson counties. *The AACOG 13 county region covers 12,585 square miles. *The AACOG 13 county region population is approximately 2.5 million.
  4. 4. BUL - Camp Bullis CLRA - Canyon Lake Rec. Annex FSH - Fort Sam Houston KFA - Kelly Field Annex LAK - Lackland LTA - Lackland Training Annex MDA - Martindale Army Air Field RND - Randolph SAF - Seguin Auxiliary Field CLRA RNDFSH BUL KFA LAK LTA MDA SAF
  5. 5. JBSA occupies approximately 46,500 acres on 11 sites Supports more than 250,000 personnel. Interfaces with a multitude of civic and elected leaders in the Alamo Region, including 4 counties, more than 27 municipalities, 12 school districts, 5 major universities or colleges, four state senators, 5 state representatives, two U.S. Senators, and six Congressional Districts. .
  6. 6. Overview of AACOG Programs • Public-Public/Public-Private (P4) Partnerships – Sit on Executive Committee and Host Meetings • JBSA ex-officio member of AACOG BOD • Military Transformation Task Force – Joint COSA/Bexar County/Chamber (AACOG sits on the executive committee with the civic & military leadership) • Law Enforcement Academy – provide training to Security Forces donated live shooter simulator to Security Forces TAP agreement • Air Show – shuttle service
  7. 7. • JBSA identified “dependable water supply” as critical to security and mission readiness. • AACOG took lead in applying for $5M in Texas State DEAAG funding (1yr). • Project provides primary water to Camp Bullis and secondary source to Lackland, Lackland-Medina Annex, Security Hill and Ft. Sam Houston • SAWS committed project construction management oversight. • CoSA committed $5M in Impact Fees as grant match. • JBSA committed 502nd ABW Civil Engineering for work inside fence line. • Randolph’s contingent water was made available 10 years ago by local water water company
  8. 8. REGIONAL JOINT LAND USE STUDY (JLUS) JLUS MISSION The Regional (JLUS) Implementation Strategy (RJIS) was commissioned in order to integrate three separate JLUS recommendations developed for the installations that comprise Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA). The Regional JLUS synthesizes into 20 strategies that have a regional impact. The Office of Economic Assistance (OEA) at the Department of Defense executed a grant in December, 2016, with the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) to oversee and coordinate the implementation of the 20 strategies at each installation. $618,804 – 18 months
  10. 10. MULTIPLE SMALLER COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPS, including FHS Road for access to FSHISD (COSA) Shuttle service for Air Show (AACOG) Access to Bexar County Bibliotech (Bexar County) Access to JBSA Golf Courses (JBSA) Joint training for law enforcement/security forces - SWAT, Live Shooter, etc (AACOG) Joint Ferrell hogs trapping at Camp Bullis (City of Fair Oaks) Shared medical facilities for Tier 1 emergencies (BCHD) Stray animals at JBSA-Randolph (Universal City) Integrated Emergency Operations Center & 911 And the list goes on…..
  11. 11. Overview of AACOG Programs IGSA – Intergovernmental Support Agreement • Blanket IGSA is historic: first such agreement for the Air Force • 10 year sole-source agreement between AACOG and JBSA • Allows for acquisition of all types of goods and services through AACOG • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) do not apply and Federal wage standards are waived • Saves money for the Military while generating new revenue for AACOG and our members • Partnership that Pays for Itself!
  12. 12. Overview of AACOG Programs • DOD needs to reduce both excess capacity and costs to own and operate bases and training ranges • BRAC is frankly scary, and is uncertain • KEY: lowering the cost of doing business and enhancing Military Value and Readiness to keep/grow missions and jobs
  13. 13. • 1/3 of the region’s economy - $30 Billion annually • Significant growth potential • Not a typical economic development challenge: • No tax abatements • No investment zones
  14. 14. • JBSA focused on military missions (The Base of the Future) • Mutually beneficial partnerships to provide the infrastructure and services that the missions, military members, and their families need • Save money for the military, but not to the detriment of the community • Recover both direct and indirect costs • Support mission and job growth • Expand capacity for serving all citizens
  15. 15. Partners  Alamo Area Council of Governments  US Air Force  Key AACOG Members Blanket IGSA  JBSA identifies requirements  AACOG provides partnership development and admin  Local Jurisdictions provide small business services or organic services Desired Outcomes  Save multiple $ millions for JBSA  Achieve contracting efficiencies for JBSA  Support local small business  Local governments recover all direct and indirect costs – enhanced budget flexibility
  16. 16. • Blanket IGSA signed September 25th! • Developing interlocal agreements between AACOG and member governments • Tabletop exercise to test the process and refine standard operating procedures October 7 • JBSA scrubbing requirements and expects to issue first Task Orders in first quarter of Fiscal Year 2020
  17. 17. Overview of AACOG Programs Rides4VETS – Texas Veterans Commission Homes4Texas Heroes – Texas Veterans Commission Veterans Self-Directed Care – U.S. Veterans Department TX-Serves San Antonio – foundation funding
  18. 18. Overview of AACOG Programs
  19. 19. Overview of AACOG Programs Patience and Persistence!
  20. 20. Why I JOINED AACOG
  21. 21. Diane Rath (210) 362-5200