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Moving in the Right Direction: The Latest Trends in CEDS Planning


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During the 2019 NADO Annual Training Conference (October 19 - 22 in Reno, NV), Robert Venables shares information on creating and delivering interactive CEDS, and on the Southeast Conference.

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Moving in the Right Direction: The Latest Trends in CEDS Planning

  2. 2. About Southeast Conference • Southeast Conference was incorporated in 1958, with 1st goal of creating AMHS • After that success, stayed together to continue to advocate for economic issues that are key to the southeast region as a whole. • Work for consensus for the betterment of the region. • Members from nearly every community, chamber of commerce, and economic development organization in the region. • Support the Southeast Conference of Mayors, AMHS Reform initiative and the Marine Transportation Advisory Board. • Southeast Conference is the federally designated Regional Economic Development District and the State- designated Alaska Regional Development Organization.
  3. 3. About Southeast Alaska • 34 Communities • 1,000+ Islands • 500 Miles • 18,500 shoreline • 10% of AK Economy
  4. 4. TRANSPORTATION ENERGY MARITIME SEAFOOD MINING VISITORS TIMBER Promoting strong economies, healthy communities, and a quality environment in Southeast Alaska.
  5. 5. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS • Plan is winner of the 2018 NADO Innovation Award • “The region’s current CEDS Southeast Alaska 2020 is one of the best examples in the country…”
  6. 6. Visitor Industry Market Southeast Alaska to Attract More Visitors. Improve Access to Public Lands. Increase flexibility in terms of permit use. Increase Yacht and Small Cruise Ship Visitations. Improve Communications Infrastructure. Advocate for Adequate Funding to Maintain Existing Recreational Infrastructure. Timber Industry Provide an adequate, economic and dependable supply of timber from the Tongass National Forest to regional timber operators. Stabilize the regional timber industry. Work with USFS to direct federal contracts toward locally-owned businesses. Support small scale manufacturing of wood products in Southeast Alaska. Continue old growth harvests until young growth supply is adequate. Community-Based Workforce Development. Update young growth inventory. Other Objectives Housing: Support Housing Development. Food Security: Increase Production, Accessibility, and Demand of Local Foods. Communications: Improved Access to Telemedicine in Southeast Alaska. Marketing: Market Southeast Alaska as a Region. Solid Waste: Regional Solid Waste Disposal. Arts: Increase recognition of Southeast Alaska’s thriving arts economy. Mining: Minerals & Mining Workforce Development. Attract Research Jobs. Research: Attract science and research jobs to southeast Alaska. Cultural Wellness: Support development of activities and infrastructure that promote cultural wellness. Transportation Minimize Impacts of Budget Cuts to AMHS and Develop Sustainable Operational Model. Road Development. Move Freight to and from Markets More Efficiently. Ensure the Stability of Regional Transportation Services Outside of AMHS. Energy Work with Federal and State government to promote regional energy projects. Diesel displacement. Support community efforts to create sustainable power systems that provide affordable/renewable energy. Complete Regional Hydrosite Evaluation for Southeast Alaska. Maritime Maritime Industrial Support Maritime Industrial Support Sector Talent Pipeline: Maritime Workforce Development Plan. Increase access to capital for the regional maritime industrial support sector. Harbor Improvements. Examine Arctic Exploration Opportunities That the Region as a Whole Can Provide. Seafood Industry Mariculture Development. Full Utilization and Ocean Product Development. Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Energy Costs. Regional Seafood Processing. Seafood Markets. Sea Otter Utilization and Sustainable Shellfish. Maintain Stable Regulatory Regime. Seafood Workforce Development. Promote strong economies, healthy communities, and a quality environment in Southeast Alaska. Southeast Alaska 5 Year Plan
  7. 7. Alaska Maricultur e Initiative Marine Highway Reform Project Market Southeast Alaska to Visitors Maritime Workforce Developme nt Full Seafood Resource Utilization Secure Adequate Timber Supply Diesel Displaceme nt 7 Priority Objectives
  8. 8. AMHS Reform Project
  9. 9. Priority Objective Promote Regional Energy Projects
  10. 10. Maritime Workforce Development Implementation
  11. 11. Full Resource Utilization & Product Development
  12. 12. Mariculture Development
  13. 13. Market Southeast Alaska Visitor Opportunities
  14. 14. Priority Objective Secure an Adequate, Economic Timber Supply
  15. 15. Southeast Alaska Annual Business Confidence Survey Results 2019
  16. 16. Annual Business ConfidenceHow do you view the regional business climate right now? Very Poor 6% Poor 38% Very Good 5% Don't know 1% Good 50% Very Poor 5% Poor 34% Very Good Don't know 5% 2% Good 54% 2019 +4%2018
  17. 17. Annual Business Confidence Much Worse 2% Worse 14% Same (poor) 18% Same (positive) 37% Much Better 2% Better 27% Much Worse 1% Worse 13% Same (poor) 18% Same (positive) 38% Much Better 5% Better 25% What is the economic outlook for your business or industry over the next year? 2018 2019 +1%
  18. 18. Economic Outlook Industry 2020 What is the economic outlook for your business/industry over the next year (compared to the previous year)? Ketchikan Juneau Wrangell Petersburg 0% 23% 45% 68% 90% Better Much Better Worse Hoonah Gustavus Skagway POW Much Worse Juneau
  19. 19. Adding Jobs in 2019 Visitor or Tourism Industry Construction / Architecture / Engineering Transportation (non tourism) Food/Beverage Industry Seafood, Commercial Fishing Professional & Business Services / Consultant Health Care (includes senior services) Retail / Wholesale Trade Energy Real Estate Financial Activities Arts Communications / Information Technology 53.333 13% 17% 17% 18% 20% 23% 24% 31% 33% 40% 42% Over the next year, do you expect your organization to add jobs, maintain, reduce jobs, or unsure % of businesses that say they will add jobs in2019/2020
  20. 20. Hoonah Skagway POW Wrangell Pelican Multiple Gustavus Haines Sitka Ketchikan Juneau Petersburg 13% 23% 24% 25% 25% 31% 33% 40% 42% 57% 60% Over the next year, do you expect your organization to add jobs, maintain, reduce jobs, or unsure % of businesses that say they will add jobs in2019/2020 Adding Jobs in 2019 Juneau
  21. 21. Over the next year, do you expect your organization to add jobs, maintain, or reduce jobs? Adding Jobs in 2019 Unknown 12% Add Jobs 27% Maintain Jobs 51% Add Jobs 13% 59% Unknown 13% Add Jobs 23% Maintain Jobs 48% Southeast Reduce Jobs 11% Juneau Reduce Jobs 13% Unknown 15% Maintain Jobs Ketchikan Reduce Jobs 16% Reduce Jobs 18% Unknown 9% Add Jobs 23% Maintain Jobs 50% Add Jobs 21% Maintain Jobs 58% Add Jobs 57% Maintain Jobs 38% Sitka Haines Reduce Jobs Unknown 9% 12% Skagway Unknown 5% Reduce Jobs 40% Unknown 40% Maintain Jobs 20% Add Jobs 42% Maintain Jobs 46% Petersburg Prince of Wales Unknown 13%
  22. 22. Annual Business Investment Less than$5,000 $5,000 to$10,000 $10,001 to $25,000 $25,001 to $50,000 $50,001 to$100,000 $100,001 to$500,000 $500,001 to$1,000,000 $1,000,001 to$5,000,000 $5,000,001 -$10,000,000 $10,000,001 -$20,000,000 $20,000,001 -$30,000,000 $30,000,000+ 2800% 4200% 4 2 1 2 15 10 33 25 33 17 28 41 $221 Million
  23. 23. Southeast AlaskaHealth Care Workforce Assessment University of Alaska Southeast . University of Alaska Anchorage . Bartlett Regional Hospital . SoutheastAlaska Regional Health Consortium . Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association . Southeast Conference
  24. 24. Thank you NADO! Robert Venables, Southeast Conference Executive Director