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ITS Professional Capacity Building Program


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During the 2019 NADO Annual Training Conference (October 19 - 22 in Reno, NV), NADO Associate Director Carrie Kissel shared information about informational resources and training opportunities available through the U.S. Department of Transportation's Intelligent Transportation Systems Professional Capacity Building Program.

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ITS Professional Capacity Building Program

  1. 1. ITS PCB Program Overview 1 Focus on current and future transportation professionals – developing their knowledge, skills, and abilities while furthering career paths Provide comprehensive, accessible, flexible ITS learning for the transportation industry Build and sustain a capable and technically proficient ITS workforce
  2. 2. ITS PCB Program – Portfolio of Products 2
  3. 3. Webinars Free Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) webinars along with a T3e series designed specifically for academic-based audiences. Workshops Free training at ITS America State Chapter workshops. Courses include: • Assessing Your Readiness for CV Deployment • Cybersecurity Basics • Improving Highway Safety with ITS
  4. 4. Online Training – ITS PCB Products • ITS Standards Training Modules: aining.aspx • ITS ePrimer: r.aspx • ITS Architecture: it/html/resources/training.html • ITS PCB Courses: ses/default.aspx
  5. 5. Online Training – National Highway Institute (NHI) Many free courses for federal, state, and local transportation professionals are hosted by NHI. Courses include: • Introduction to Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles • Data Archiving and Analytics for Planning, Operations, and Safety • Road Weather Information Systems Equipment and Operations • Real Solutions ATDM Webinars Parts 1 and 2 • ITS Procurement (
  6. 6. Technical Assistance Equipment Loan Program Provides a connected and automated vehicle user with the opportunity to become familiar with the types of equipment typically used in connected vehicle deployment. Help Desk Provides technical assistance during connected vehicle and automated vehicle testing and deployments
  7. 7. Other Products Facts sheets are high-level descriptions of recent research efforts. Topics include: • Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity • Security Credential Management Systems • Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative • Mobility on Demand • Integrated Corridor Management ITS Research Fact Sheets Knowledge Resources
  8. 8. Stay Connected For more information, contact… Michelle Noch U.S. Department of Transportation Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office ITS Professional Capacity Building Program 8