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Rick Hunsacker at NADO's 2012 Executive Directors Leadership Forum.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Maintaining Relevance Through Partnerships“What have you done for me lately?”
  2. 2. Past Strategies to Add Value • Trained professionals • Information broker • Money Buddha • Trainer • Road Warriors
  3. 3. Climate Change – Our Stock Erodes • Information is everywhere • Training comes from a variety of entities • Grant information is ubiquitous • Contacting federal agencies is easier • Money is scarcer • People feel more empowered • Private consultants abound
  4. 4. EDDs Must Evolve• New expectations• New roles• New services & more surgical approach• New requirements on local government• Less money• Increased flexibility
  6. 6. ONE. Provide Key elements to projects. Example: Traffic counters and trail counters. Example: Access Washington packet.
  7. 7. TWO. Extend trust and be trustworthy.Example: Western Iowa Advantage SPOC.Example: Western Iowa Growth Fund.
  8. 8. THREE. Deliver in established timelines. Example: IARC LIHTC & HPRP Inspections. Example: Lead-based paint inspections.
  9. 9. FOUR. Do your part, do it well.Example: US30 Corridor study.Example: Loan servicing for development corporations.
  10. 10. FIVE. Provide needed and otherwise unavailable information.Example: Retro-reflectivity project.Example: WIAD’s Laborshed & Benefits Studies.
  11. 11. SIX. Be visible.Example: IARC’s disaster recovery.Example: Branding (vehicles, maps, plans, press releases, etc.)
  12. 12. SEVEN. Provide elected officials the credit. Example: Every grant every written.
  13. 13. EIGHT. Engage the leaders.Example: IARC Department Director meetings.Example: Council visits.
  14. 14. NINE. Remain non-partisan and open to new partnerships.Example: Iowa Waste Exchange.Example: Re-drawing workforce regions in Iowa.
  15. 15. TEN. Be pro-growth.Example: Highway corridor advocacy.Example: Site selector initiative.
  16. 16. ELEVEN. Provide solutions.Example: COG establishes primary lending pool for NSP.Example: Rural worker commuter routes (SEIRPC,SWIPCO, JobJet)
  17. 17. TWELVE. Make each action matter.Example: IARC takes on Connect Iowa.Example: Individualized hazard mitigation plans.
  18. 18. Takeaways• Be open to any and all partnerships.• Build your reputation over time – it is a constant effort.• Quality needs to permeate every action.• Say “yes” as much as possible.• Stay on top of trends.• Things change. Get over it.