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Harnessing the Power of Data to Improve Your CEDS: Shafton

  1. 3 WAYS TO CONNECT DATA WITH PEOPLE Lessons from Big Media Corporations Jeremy Shafton Sales & Marketing Director
  2. Many of the tools and techniques used by the big guys are within reach of smaller organizations Data is for everyone Today, we are going to give you tools for your toolbox 💡!
  3. Data needs to be at the human level ?? ?
  4. Visualization Context Values 3 Ways to make data connect %/% Segmentation Hi. I like cheese .
  5. VISUALIZATION Technique #1
  6. Raw data can be overwhelming ?? ?
  7. Say it visually instead 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 California Texas NewYork Florida Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio Georgia Michigan NorthCarolina NewJersey Virginia Washington Massachusetts Arizona Indiana Tennessee Missouri Maryland Wisconsin Minnesota Colorado Alabama SouthCarolina Louisiana Kentucky Oregon Oklahoma PuertoRico Connecticut Iowa Mississippi Arkansas Utah Kansas Nevada NewMexico Nebraska WestVirginia Idaho Hawaii Maine NewHampshire RhodeIsland Montana Delaware SouthDakota Alaska NorthDakota DistrictofColumbia Vermont Wyoming Total Population by US State Populationinmillions 2016 ACS 5 Year Estimates
  8. People get maps, too
  9. NUMBERS IN CONTEXT Technique #2
  10. Counts 2016 ACS 5 Year Estimates 1,696,250 of PA Residents have a disability
  11. Percentages 13.5% of PA Residents have a disability 2016 ACS 5 Year Estimates
  12. Indexes % value% comparison
  13. Indexes % disabled PA % disabled US
  14. 12.4% Indexes 13.5%
  15. 12.4% Indexes 13.5% = 1.09 Values >1 indicate over indexing
  16. SEGMENTATION Technique #3
  17. Segment: a set of characteristics that define a target subset of a population
  18. Example segmentation factors from the ACS Gender: Female Age: 25-35 Immigration Status Education Level: High School Grad Employment Status: Part time English Proficiency: Fluent Tenure: Less than 6 months Number of Cars: None Rent as a % of salary: >50% Family Status: Individual Number of Bedrooms: 4 or more Home Heating Method: Gas
  19. Experian’s Mosaic Segments American Royalty • Top 1% of income • Over 50 • Latest Tech Diapers and Debit Cards • Below Average HH Income • Live in apartment blocks • Have kids • Live through their phones Rooted Flower Power • Over 60 • Tenure over 10 years • Comfortable but frugal • Will watch commercials
  20. Building personas from segments Person Q. Person Age: 25-35 years Location: Small PA city without a public transportation system Profile: Balances family responsibilities with work obligations. Single with three kids or fewer. Short on time, but values leisure. Would take long walks on the beach if there were one close by.
  21. Additional Resources • If you are technical or interested in geography: → • Best source of free census data: – American Fact Finder – Tiger/Line database • List of Mosaic Segments: →
  22. BlastPoint Demo • We provided free access for the Conference to follow along with a demo of BlastPoint. • Contact for a personal demo!
  23. Thank you! (412) 474-2177 @blastpointinc