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Building Community for Prosperity and Inclusion: Linato-Crawford


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This presentation was delivered at NADO's Annual Training Conference, held in Anchorage, Alaska on September 9-12, 2017.

Public, private, and nonprofit partners work together in Anchorage to promote policies, plans, and programs that support social and economic integration of new and long-time residents. Learn how these various efforts dovetail to ensure economic vitality, common ground, and shared leadership. Lessons learned from this session will apply at the regional, county, or community levels.

Moira Gallagher, Live. Work. Play. Director, AEDC, Anchorage, AK
Mara Kimmel, First Lady of Anchorage, City of Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
Lourdes Linato-Crawford, President, Bridge Builders of Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
Wanetta Ayers, Interim Executive Director, Prince William Sound, EDD, Anchorage, AK, Moderator

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Building Community for Prosperity and Inclusion: Linato-Crawford

  1. 1. Building Community for Prosperity and Inclusion Bridge Builders Of Anchorage
  2. 2. Bridge Builders of Anchorage • Established in 1996 by Mayor Rick Mystrom • Mystrom invited African-American and Caucasian ministers to dinner • Topic focus on black and white relations • Expanded to a conversation about Anchorage citizens who represent a multitude of cultures and ethnic background • Decided to start a new initiative “Bridge Builders”
  3. 3. Mission – To promote harmony and respect among all cultures and create the first city without prejudice
  4. 4. Activities January – Partner with the MLK Foundation to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day
  5. 5. February – Meet the World – Visit “destination tables” throughout the venue that display traditional cultures of Anchorage’s diverse population and community organizations.
  6. 6. July – 4th of July Parade – Think Bridge Builders on July 4th and join the Parade! Help us celebrate America’s birthday!
  7. 7. August – Unity Gala
  8. 8. November – Potluck/General Meeting – We come together as a community of friends to share favorite traditional foods, to make new friends and to renew relationships. We welcome all cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds and faith traditions
  9. 9. Pledge of Mutual Respect We the people of Anchorage, Alaska pledge to respect one another; Celebrating the differences that make us unique; our customs, spiritual beliefs, cultures, colors, dreams and ancestral traditions. Standing together, hand in hand, young and old, We affirm that through mutual respect We can build a stronger, more harmonious community, A more unified nation And a better, safer world
  10. 10. The following are some suggestions for how to get started in your town or city. 1. Enlist your Mayor. Normally immigrants respect the leader of the community, whether king, chief, president or mayor. 2. Identify the ethnic groups in your community. Your school district may have the statistics readily available. 3. Encourage the Mayor to invite the leaders of these groups to City Hall to learn about Bridge Builders. 4. Explain that you will hold an “International Potluck” at a park, high school gym or other venue and ask the leaders of each group to bring their spouses and one or two other couples. 5. At the potluck, explain the mission of Bridge Builders which is “to create a community of friends” among all races and cultures. 6. Place the names of the couples or individuals who want to be involved in a basket and ask them to draw out the names of another couple or individual. If they draw the name of someone from their culture, invite them to draw again.
  11. 11. 7. Ask each couple to host a dinner at their home or favorite restaurant 8. During this time, share the traditions and values of the cultures of both the hosts and the guests. Provide “discussion points” to help spark fun and memorable conversations. 9. A year after the first potluck, hold a follow-up and invite each couple or individual to bring other friends who want to participate.