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Brownfields Redevelopment Journey: Santasieri (2)


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This presentation was delivered at NADO's 2018 Annual Training Conference, held in Charlotte, NC on October 13-16. For more information, visit:

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Brownfields Redevelopment Journey: Santasieri (2)

  1. 1. Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities Program (TAB) Colette Santasieri, PhD October 14, 2018
  2. 2. Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB) TAB  technical assistance program  created and funded by EPA  three TAB providers - each cover some of the EPA regions before after  independent resources to: state, regional, county, tribal, and local government entities, and nonprofits attempting to cleanup and reclaim brownfields (do not have to be an EPA grantee to receive assistance) Assistance is free of charge!
  3. 3. TAB provides assistance throughout the entire brownfields redevelopment process. Assistance is provided through… Resource Center Educational Forums One-on-one Technical Assistance
  4. 4. TAB Resource Centers/Tools
  5. 5. Educational Forums • Conferences • Webinars • Workshops • Seminars • Bootcamps • Learning Labs • Mobile Tours
  6. 6. One-on-One Technical Assistance Every community is different and every community’s needs are different. The type and depth of assistance NJIT TAB provides is tailored to the needs of the community – from a quick call to more involvement. Brownfields Redevelopment Process
  7. 7. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO BROWNFIELD COMMUNITIES PROGRAM TAB Colette Santasieri, PhD Executive Director 973-642-4165 EPA Regions 1, 3, 4 EPA Regions 2, 9, 10 EPA Regions 5, 6, 7, 8 Blase Leven, L.G. Program Coordinator 785-532-0780 Sarah Sieloff Executive Director 415-398-1080
  8. 8. Questions for the Panel