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How To Use The Forum


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Basic instructions for how to use the OIYP E-workshop forums.

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How To Use The Forum

  1. 1. Logging into the members area 1. Enter your username and password. 2. Click “Login”.
  2. 2. Finding the forum section of the members area Click on the “Forum” tab.
  3. 3. Finding your e-workshop group Click on the e-workshop forum with your group number. Note: You are only allowed to access your group’s discussion. If you do not click on the group with the right name, you will not be allowed into the discussion space.
  4. 4. Go to the right week Click on the space with the week of the workshop you are in, such as “Week 1”.
  5. 5. Posting (1) To post to the forum, click “Add Reply”.
  6. 6. Posting (2) 1. Write the text of your post. You can use a number of different fonts and texts and colors: look at the buttons at the top of the text entry box. 2. Click “Post”.
  7. 7. Quoting To post a reply quoting a specific post, click “Quote” below the post you want to refer to. This is exactly like posting, only the text you “quoted” will be automatically included in your post.
  8. 8. Adding images 1. (After clicking “Add reply”) Write the text of your post, including an explanation of what the image is. 2. Click “Attachments”. The forum will then guide you through the steps to add an image.
  9. 9. Sending private messages (1) To send a private message that no-one else can see, click “Message” below the person’s post.
  10. 10. Sending private messages (2) 1. Write the text of your private message. 2. Click “Send”. Your message will then be sent to the person’s email account.