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Technology 101


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Technology 101

  1. 1. Technology 101 Why You Need to Know about YouTube & Other 21st Century Technology
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  3. 3. Suggested Learning Need Codes • 7070 Entrepreneurship, private practice • 1020 Computer • 1100 Photography • 7120 Marketing • 7210 Sales, merchandising • 7040 Consultation
  4. 4. Why Do You Need to Know? It’s about getting your message across • Everyone has a message, what is yours? • Technology is a vehicle to transport your message
  5. 5. It’s About Communication… • Who is your audience? • What media do they use? • How can you best use that media to communicate your message?
  6. 6. What is Emerging Technology? • The adjective emerging has 3 meanings – Coming into view – Coming into existence – Coming to maturity
  7. 7. Emerging Technology Creates New Markets! "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.“ -- Western Union internal memo, 1876.
  8. 8. Emerging Technology Creates New Markets! "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943
  9. 9. Emerging Technology Creates New Markets! "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." -- Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977
  10. 10. Emerging Technologies in Business and Education • Blogs including micro blogs (Twitter) • Online Communities • Podcasts, Screencast, Videoblog • RSS Feeds • Tagging & Sharing • VoIP, Videoconferencing • Wikis
  11. 11. Characteristics Web 2.0 • User generated content – – offer a mechanism for readers to create their own websites, blogs, message boards, videos, wikis, etc… • Encourage and offer a way to post feedback (rating) • Ease of generating, sharing, and tagging information
  12. 12. Social Networking & Online Communities 90 million Americans have participated in online groups 84% of Internet users, or about 90 million Americans, say they have used the Internet to contact or get information from a group. We call them “CyberGroupies.” Pew internet 2001
  13. 13. Learn from Online Communities • Learn about hot nutrition topics • Gain insight into participant struggles • Listen to what they are saying – Misinformation, Misunderstanding • Learn how food companies use them
  14. 14. Dietetics Community • Discussions • Professional Resources – Articles • Noteboards • Lists
  15. 15. Popular Online Communities • Facebook 200 Million Members – Social community that is organized by school, workplace, or region • MySpace 185 Million Members – Meet people and keep in touch • LinkedIN 39 Million Members – Represents qualified professionals, industries & businesses • Twitter 15 million Members – Micro-blog SN site for short real-time messaging • Flickr 2,847 uploads in the last minute · 160,129 things tagged with morning ·3.1 million things geotagged this month ·ON FLICKR. – Share your photos • YouTube Hundreds of millions of videos a day on YouTube – Broadcast yourself
  16. 16. Popular Online Communities • iMedix – Educate Yourself, Share Symptoms & Discuss Treatments • BlackPlanet – Your place to meet and connect with African Americans around the country • MiGente – Dynamic online community for Latinos reflecting our cultures and perspectives • AsianAve – The online community for Asian Americans
  17. 17. A Foodie Community Your site, a community of foodies who love high quality, may have an interest in wine and cheese, but aren't pretentious and have an open mind to new types of cooking. The foodie community will have recipes, food and wine tips, restaurant reviews, and whatever else you decide should be included.
  18. 18. Popular Foodie Communities • • • •
  19. 19. Facebook
  20. 20. FaceBook • Over 200 Million People Use Facebook • Advertisers are expected to net over $150,000,000 in revenues this year • The fastest growing demographic is the 25 and up age group • Nets 100,000 new users every day (a 3% growth).
  21. 21. MySpace & YouTube • MySpace has 185 million registered users and is adding 320,000 profiles per day • 70% of YouTube's users are American, roughly 50% are under 20
  22. 22. YouTube: How Technology is Revolutionizing PR, Marketing, and Education • Video views reached 1.73 billion • In a single month videos on the site grew 20% to 6.1 million • The total time people spent watching YouTube since it started last year is 9,305 years
  23. 23. Use Video to: Communicate Your Message "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" – Use images to create your message Take a lesson from YouTube
  24. 24. Create an Effective Message! Childhood obesity is a public health problem. YouTube's Obesity Message
  25. 25. A Message from ADA • Consult a Registered Dietitian – Google Video – YouTube Video • National Nutrition Month – YouTube Video
  26. 26. Interaction 1: • Take a few minutes to talk to your neighbor about what online communities you participate in and how you might use an online community to promote a nutrition message
  27. 27. Blogs • Blogs – are the voices of conversational media – offer comment and feedback element – are linked to RSS feed – now considered essential for web traffic
  28. 28. Blogs - Twitter • Micro-Blog – Twitter is everywhere you are – Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co- workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages called “tweets” limited to 140 characters – Messages are posted to your profile and are sent to your followers – Messages are linked to an RSS feed which is now considered essential for web traffic
  29. 29. Blogs & Nutrition • Weblog or Journal
  30. 30. Blogs & Foodies • Clotilde Dousolier made a career out of blogging Paris with her recipe rich, wildly popular food blog: – Chocolate and Zuchinni • Mollie Wizenberg has blog traffic of over 4,000 people per day at serious eats
  31. 31. Blogs & Marketing • Health Marketing • Professional Learning
  32. 32. Definitions: Podcast • Podcasts Mixing of the words iPod and broadcasting • A web-based broadcast medium • Audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) – Made available online
  33. 33. Podcast • A podcast is like an audio magazine subscription • Subscriber receives regular audio programs delivered via the Internet • Can listen to them at your leisure
  34. 34. Podcasting You can Podcast using a: •Rich Media Phone •Computer •Ipod •PDA or any MP3 player Internet is required for download but once downloaded not required
  35. 35. Podcast • Differs from traditional internet audio in two important ways – listen at your convenience – receive automatically as a subscription
  36. 36. Podcasting • Software (like iPodder & xPodder) – Automatically detects new files – Based on RSS – Downloads the files for listening at the user's convenience – Allows time shifting
  37. 37. Podcasting in Education “I believe the implications of this for education are astounding and are just now being recognized.” ~Steve Sloan
  38. 38. Podcasting in Education • For distance learning • To facilitate self-paced learning • For remediation of slower learners • To allow faculty to offer advanced and or highly motivated learners extra content
  39. 39. Podcasting in Education • For helping students with reading and/or other learning disabilities • For multi-lingual education • To provide the ability for educators to feature guest speakers from remote locations
  40. 40. Podcasting in Education • To allow guest speakers the ability to present once to many sections and classes • To allow educators to escape the tedium of lecturing • To offer a richer learning environment
  41. 41. CDC Podcasts • Fruit and Vegetable
  42. 42. Nutrition Podcasting • RD411 Rd411.mp3
  43. 43. RSS Feed • What is it? – Really Simple Syndication • How is it used – RSS provides headlines and summaries of information in a concise and standardized way
  44. 44. RSS • RSS Feeds – Subscribe to feeds from website – XML Chicklets – Requires aggregator or online reader • IE7 offers free built in reader – RSS feeds can be linked to websites and electronic newsletters to provide current news and updates
  45. 45. More on RSS Feeds • An alternative to email – No viruses – No spam filtering – Junk mail – You don’t have to open your mailbox – Can be accessed from any computer using a web based reader
  46. 46. RSS… education • Track student projects through RSS feed • Students use or contribute to projects using blogs • Monitoring progress through feeds instead of viewing individual blogs
  47. 47. Tags • Tags are one-word descriptors that you can assign to your bookmarks, articles, or images to help you organize and remember them • Tags are a little bit like keywords, but they're chosen by you, and they do not form a hierarchy
  48. 48. Tagging 58% of Online Americans Have Used the Internet to Tag Content Forget Dewey and His Decimals, Internet Users are Revolutionizing the Way We Classify Information – and Make Sense of It
  49. 49. Tagging • Flickr • Delicious – Allows you to organize the web your way – Provides social method of forming groups around key words
  50. 50. Tagging – Website Popularity
  51. 51. VoIP
  52. 52. VoIP •Uses Internet instead of phone line •Download FREE software •Call computer to computer free •Call computer to phone •Receive calls from computer or phone
  53. 53. VoIP •eMarketer forecasts that by 2010, there will be 32.6 million US VoIP subscribers, equating to nearly 40% of all broadband households April 3, 2008 Nadine Fisher MS, RD/LD
  54. 54. Wiki • A website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively • wikipedia
  55. 55. Wikipedia • The only thing some librarians hate more then Google is Wikipedia • 44 percent of young adults turn to Wikipedia. • A large section of Wikipedia users have a very high level of education.
  56. 56. Call to Action • Take a few minutes and discuss one new way of using technology in your nutrition practice
  57. 57. In Summary • Be open to new technology and embrace it • Use online communities to deliver your message • Link web, video and/or audio messages to RSS feeds • Create infrastructure for user generated content that is easy to share and use
  58. 58. “To Stay the same, We MUST Change!”
  59. 59. Thanks for your time! • If time does not permit questions please feel free to email me: or … send me a tweet @nadinekf