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Social Media & Healthcare Technology

  1. 1. Social Media& Healthcare Technology
  2. 2. •IOWA DIETITIANS ROCK!Thanks for inviting me.
  3. 3. • Basic Principles & Benefits of Social Media • Tablet Computers ( such as the iPad) in Foodservice. • Importance and Role of Mobile Health Apps to Improve Patient OutcomesToday’s ObjectivesTweet #IDHCC12
  4. 4. • The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogueIt’s a 2 wayconversation online…
  5. 5.  If your not using social media networks you are missing a captive audience the internet today
  6. 6. Poll #1: Social Media Use How many use or plan on using Facebook in the next year? How many use or plan to use Twitter in the next year ? How many use Blogs? How many use YouTube? How many use LinkedIn? How many use Pinterest?Crowdsource
  7. 7. characteristics?• Portable • Phones, iPad, Netbook, Laptop• Personalized• Participatory (user generated content)• Immediate (text & instant messaging)
  8. 8. Popular Social MediaPlatforms
  10. 10. Communicate, Collaborate, Interact, Make Informed Decisions, Manage YourBrand,Social Media in FoodService
  11. 11. • TEXT• 83% of American adults have a cell phone MESSAGING & picture taking• 6 in 10 adults go online using a laptop or continue to top the list of ways smart phone that Americans use their mobile phones• Is the media in your organization formatted for mobile use? Mobile
  12. 12. Content is private Content is public Established experts Everyone is an expertCompanies/brands in Consumer is in control control Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0
  13. 13. • User generated content • offers a mechanism for readers to create their own websites, blogs, message boards, videos, wikis, etc…• Encourage and offer a way to post feedback (rating)• Ease of generating, sharing, and tagging informationWeb 2.0
  14. 14. Facebook >850 million active users Facebook User Hear about my Facebook presence Visit my FB presence Fan/Like my FB presence Visit my website/Purchase products/services Share with their friends
  15. 15. • Poll #3 • How many of your facilities have a facebook page?Poll
  16. 16. • Recruit staff- post job openings• Post information on special events, parties and themes• Hold contests• Solicit feedback• Create campaigns• Recruit volunteers• Create a community to support ( & market ) your facility
  17. 17. • Marketing to your families - show them what you’ve got with pictures, menus, testimonials etc…• What stands out about your dietary service?• How can you communicate that using social media?• Use social media to get feedback on needs of the families you serve LTc benefits…
  18. 18. Twitter
  19. 19. Twitter real timecommunications
  20. 20. Twitter User Hear about my Twitter presence Visit my TW presence Follow my Tweets Visit my website/Purchase products RT and #FF to friendsTwitter
  21. 21. • Take 10 minutes to look over your social media exercise and pick a SM platform- and develop your strategy• Pick a recorder and reporter ( can be same person).• Report back to the groupSocial Media Exercise
  22. 22. • RD’s use social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or LinkedIn to post nutrition information, messages, questions, images and/or video. How RD’s Use Social Media?
  23. 23. • Patient blogs • Twitter • Facebook • YouTube • LinkedIn • Four SquareHospitals & Social Media
  24. 24. US Hospitals that use Social Networking tools• Last Update October 09, 2011 * 1,229 Hospitals total * 575 YouTube Channels * 1068 Facebook pages * 814 Twitter Accounts * 149 Blogs• The original one-page list is at: Hospitals & Social Media
  25. 25. “iPads and tablets aretaking restaurants bystorm and improvingefficiencies.“ tablets
  26. 26. • Health (Texting) Programs Work• Txt 4 Baby• Medication Reminders• Txt messages to Facebook& TwitterSocial Media SupportsHealth - Text Messaging
  27. 27. • Poll # 2 • How many of you have a tablet computer such as an iPad • Poll #3 • How many of you use that tablet computer in your facility?Polls
  28. 28. ✘ Tableside Control✘ Display wines lists menus etc…✘ Customer orders food on iPad✘ Customer pays at the table scans credit card for automated paymenttablets
  29. 29.  Drug interactions Diagnosis help Treatment plans Medical Alerts Transmission of patient data Sharing records Billing Family interaction with patientstablets
  30. 30. ✘ Wound care management✘ Monitor vital signs✘ Patient tracking (RFID scanning)✘ Accurate and faster RX✘ Medication Management tablets
  31. 31. • Patient• Providers• Creative Cutting Edge Professionals Future of Consumer Health Apps & the Registered Dietitian
  32. 32. mHealth App Advantages • Helps Client Manage Health • Care Coordination Opportunities • Immediate Exchange of Accurate Objective Information from Client to Provider • Earlier and More Accurate Diagnosis • Remote Monitoring Opportunities
  33. 33. ?????? Questions?
  34. 34. Follow @nadinekf How did we do? What did you learn? What‘s next? Your call to action – GO FOR IT!Thanks 4 participating