Logistics 2020 Core Capabilities Brief


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Logistics 2020 Core Capabilities Brief

  1. 1. The image part with relationship ID rId7 was not found in the file. The image part with relationship ID rId4 was not found in the •  Logistics Planning file. •  Deployment Operations •  Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement and Redeployment Operations •  Supply Support and Warehousing •  Transportation Support National Capital Region (Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland) •  Life Support and Sustainment Operations •  Third-Party Logistics North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Codes 236220 488991 541330 561110 332439 488999 541511 561210 488119 493110 541611 561499 488190 493190 541614 561599 488510 519190 541618 928110 The image part with relationship ID rId5 was not found The image part with relationship ID rId3 was not found in the file. in the file. Camp Slayer, Baghdad Afghanistan Qatar ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 2
  2. 2. •  Analyze functional support plans to develop logistics and deployment requirements into appropriate combatant command (COCOM) operational plans (OPLANS) by preparing: -  Automated Unit Equipment Lists (AUELS) -  Force Flow •  Develop plans and design logistics support packages for distribution and global deployment operations •  Develop logistics annexes for DoD OPLANS •  Develop logistics plans to support National Emergency and Contingency Operations •  Responsible for logistics interface between the mission planning and execution staff •  Coordinate operational and contingency plans (OPLANs and CONPLANs) that encompass deployment and redeployment, employment, and sustainment transportation/ supply requirements •  Logistics estimates for client-identified operations •  Establish logistics platforms -  Utilizing existing facilities -  Build platforms from the ground up in austere locations ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 3
  3. 3. Administrative Support •  Initial pre-deployment scheduling -  Training -  LOI&A -  Travel orders -  Medical screening -  Theater and country clearances -  Weapons qualifications -  Issue of TA 50, NBC, and weapons Mission Management Support •  Single point of contact for deployers – end-to-end service •  Track and coordinate deployment actions for individual/group deployers •  Administer commercial airline tickets for contractor personnel deploying •  Verify and manage security requirements Human Resources Support •  Broad HR expertise, including six primary functional programs: –  Nominations Program, Deployment Program, Redeployment Reception Program , Readiness Program, Security Validation Program, and Data Entry and Files Maintenance Program •  Manage Unit/Joint Manning Documents for OCONUS operational sites •  Develop Deployment Administration Data Systems (DADS) Training Support •  Development and implementation of new training criteria •  Live-Fire Small Arms Instruction, Initial Weapons Qualification, and Weapons Re-qualification Training •  Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS)   •  Theater-specific training ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 4
  4. 4. Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement •  Reception -  Operate forward air/surface ports -  Coordinate arrival/departure travel services •  Staging -  Coordinate/provide life support, mess, billeting, and transportation •  Onward Movement -  Coordinate in-theater movement and support -  Provide physical movement when required Redeployment to CONUS and Other Areas of Responsibility (AOR) •  Monitor the redeployment of military and government personnel redeploying to the CONUS and other AORs •  Assist in the smooth transition to the deployer’s functional offices •  Formulate Redeployment and Retrograde Plans ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 5
  5. 5. Warehousing Support •  Operate CONUS and OCONUS Central Issue Facilities (CIF) •  Operate Armories in CONUS and OCONUS •  Operate OCONUS Central Receiving Point (CRP) – supporting the Intelligence Community (IC), DTRA, MNF-I, and OGA Supply Management •  Receive shipments of supplies and ship stocked items to forward-operating locations •  Responsible for the stock control including inventory, stock rotation, and proper storage of hazardous and non-hazardous line items •  Utilize automated or manual issue procedures to record the issue of all property from the warehouse •  End-to-end support from CONUS strategic support to locations throughout the CENTCOM AOR •  Issue deployers equipment, specialty/organizational clothing, and PPE •  Purchase supplies utilizing local economies •  Deployment/Redeployment movement planning and cargo planning (resupply and retrograde) Property Book Accountability •  Provide reports, as well as reconciling, validating, and verifying all data and information for DoD assets at warehouse sites throughout the world •  Receive, tally, and inspect supplies to ensure receipt of the correct items, quantity, and serviceability of the assets •  Maintain and update property book records using DoD systems such as DPAS, SPBS-R, PBUSE, and Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) •  Utilize commercial off the shelf (COTS) software to maintain property book records in austere environments ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 6
  6. 6. •  Plan and coordinate strategic air/land/sea lift requirements •  Plan and coordinate commercial surface and air movement to various logistics nodes •  Coordinate global passenger and cargo movement •  Validate and execute Special Assignment Airlift Missions (SAAM) and Contingency Airlift Missions •  Provide hazardous materials certification for deploying cargo •  Prepare and ship hazardous materials •  Enter appropriate data and use commercial and DoD Automated Information Systems (AIS) and their allied Automatic Identification Technologies (AIT) to ensure 100% In-transit Visibility (ITV) of all passenger and cargo movements ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 7
  7. 7. OCONUS •  Built secure compound for Iraq war crimes tribunal •  Built a base camp for DoJ Mass Grave Exhumation in 13 days -  Included full-service Dining Facility (DFAC), hot showers, and wireless Internet service -  Developed operational plans for all security, messing, water, and fuel operations -  Provided all materials, equipment, and labor necessary to build and maintain base support •  Configured IC logistics platform for Afghanistan CONUS •  Built Training Forward Operating Base (FOB) at Fort Hood, Texas in 15 days for US Army Reserve units •  Provided a 24-hour 7-day a week operation for meals, showers, latrines, power, and lodging in support of Hurricane Katrina and Rita relief efforts for NGA and FEMA ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 8
  8. 8. •  Establish local supply chains to purchase on local economies •  Provide tracking and tracing, delivery/transportation, warehousing, and special packaging and crating to global locations •  Procured the following parts, supplies, and equipment: -  Living & office accommodations OCONUS -  Vehicles to include Armored -  Approximately one million dollars in CIF & PPE -  Bench stock & expendables globally -  Acquisition of spare parts and equipment and drill rig spare parts and equipment ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 9
  9. 9. IronBridge Construction, Inc. Ironclad is a security and is a SDVOSB specializing in intelligence management Cage Code: 4CZC8 general contracting, company licensed by the Cage Code: 34TF4 construction management, Virginia Department of DUNS #: 62-373-3544 DUNS #: 17-365-0636 facility maintenance, building Criminal Justice Services and In business since: APR 2006 In business since: DEC 2004 renovation and repair, and provides an array of high-end Classification: SDVOSB civil engineering. URL: www.ironcladcorp.com intelligence and security URL: www.ironbridgeinc.com services both domestically and internationally. Expeditionary Logistics, Inc. HUB-TEK2 Construction, Inc. is a (XLOG) is a SDVOSB that has commercial construction the same capabilities and company formed in December core service offerings as 2008. The company is in the Cage Code: 4EQU5 LOGISTICS 2020, but process of applying for DUNS #: 62-400-5885 competes for the contracts certification as a HUB Zone Cage Code: 5ACL0 In business since: FEB 2006 that LOGISTICS 2020 has business and will serve DUNS #: 82-914-8472 Classification: SDVOSB surpassed the NAICS code government and commercial dollar threshold. In business since: DEC 2008 customers in North Carolina, URL: www.expeditionarylogistics.com Virginia, and surrounding areas. Travel 2020 provides a full VFR is a financial holding range of travel-related company that makes all third- services, including airline party purchases and provides reservations, car rentals, hotel real property and facilities Cage Code: 356R8 accommodations, and VISA/ Cage Code: 4AWK8 management for the leased DUNS #: 18-204-9473 passport processing. DUNS #: 17-303-3072 vehicles and short-term In business since: NOV 2004 In business since: NOV 2004 working capital for those Classification: SDVOSB Classification: SDVOSB companies. URL: www.travel2020.com ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 10
  10. 10. Current Completed Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Readiness Center (DRC) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) •  Deployment/Redeployment Operations Center •  Wall-to Wall Accountability- Worldwide •  Deployment Services for Overseas Contractor Personnel Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) •  Central Issue Facility (CIF) and Warehouse Support •  Hurricane Relief Efforts in Cameron Parish, Louisiana •  Weapons Training and Certifications Joint Contracting Command Iraq-Afghanistan DIA Defense Intelligence Support Office (DISO) •  Acquisition of Spare Parts & Equipment - Iraq •  Logistics Planning, Air and Ground Transportation, •  Drill Rig Spare Parts and Equipment – Kirkuk Construction and Engineering Services, Warehouse Support Department of Treasury DIA Office of Enterprise Operations (DIA DAE) •  FinCEN - Physical Inventory Assistance •  Operational Support Services for Global Deployment Operations United States Air Force •  Logistics Material Control Activity - WPAFB, OH National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Department of Justice (DoJ) •  Deployment Logistical Support, IDIQ - Global •  RCLO, Mass Grave Exhumation FOB - Baghdad, Iraq •  Logistics Planning and Life Support, Blanket Purchase Agreement; CENTCOM DAI -USAID •  Install Billeting Shelters for RCLO - Baghdad, Iraq United States Navy •  Inventory Processing and Management United States Army •  FOB - Fort Hood, Texas Transportation, and Power Track Support; Crane, IN •  Property Book Accountability - Fort Sheridan, IL Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) •  DRMO/DESC Depots Property Inventory Reconciliation, Worldwide •  Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR)-Kitting Bagram Air Force Base •  Containerized office space   ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 11
  11. 11. •  GSA – LOGWORLD (GS-10F-0373P) •  Navy – SeaPort-e (N00178-05-D-4429) •  Army – AMCOM EXPRESS Logistics Domain (W31P4Q-05-A-0021) •  Army – AMCOM EXPRESS Business and Analytical Domain (W31P4Q-05-A-0019) •  Army – Technical Engineering Support Services (TESS) (W15P7T09DP014) •  Army – Strategic Services Sourcing (S3) (W15P7T-06-D-E401) •  Army – Field & Installation Readiness Support Team (FIRST) (W911SE-07-D-0008 and W911SE-07-D-0004) •  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency/Intelligence Community – Deployment Logistical Support (HM1576-08-D-0002) •  Army - Logistics Civil Augmentation Program IV (LOGCAP IV) (W52P1J07D0008) •  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - Support to Management and Resources for Technical Services (SMARTS) (HM1572-06-R-0004) •  TRANSCOM A&AS (HTC711-07-D-0013) •  Army PM Battle Command (W15P7T-09-D-N009) •  INSCOM Genesis III (W911W4-09-D-0001) •  Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) (W9113M-07-D-0006) •  TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) (W56HZV-09-A-A901) ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 12
  12. 12. Bryan Hill Corporate Headquarters 9602 Iron Bridge Road Director of Business Development Bryan.Hill@logistics2020.com Chesterfield, Virginia 23832 804-748-0042 x119 Telephone 804.748.0042 Facsimile 804.748.0029 Kristina Holmes www.logistics2020.com Director of Marketing Kristina.Holmes@logistics2020.com 804-748-0042 x117 Michael Rose Chief Operating Officer Michael.Rose@logistics2020.com 804-748-0042 x110 ©2009 LOGISTICS 2020, Inc. 13