Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs


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Compare and contrast the Leadership style and managerial practices of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

  1. 1. Welcome to my presentation My Name is :- Istiak Ahmed. My Roll No Is :- 09. Batch :- CSE E-29th. Subject Name Is :- Principle of Management.
  2. 2. MY TOPIC Compare and contrast the leadership style and managerial practices of Bill Gates and Steve jobs
  3. 3. * Bill Gate’s leadership participative. * Flexible person. * Gates is a strong and energizing. * Bill Gate’s develop computer language new Altair 8080 which became the foundation of Microsoft. * Bill continuously develop two other computer languages. When IBM develops their first PC and which need operating system to run the computer, Microsoft develops MS-DOS for IBM.
  4. 4. • He focuses on how a company can benefit not only rich people but also those who cannot afford to buy services from these companies. He calls it Creative Capitalism. It simply states – a group can be profitable if each individual in the group thinks about his benefits and the benefits of the group Bill Gates talk about Creative Capitalism he is simply trying to urge rich companies to think about the global scenario and how they can help the world. • Bill Gates enthusiasm ,vision , and hard work were the driving force behind the company. • Gates has shown that he is the master of adapting market conditi0ns and technologies. Bill Gates is a huge giver.
  5. 5. * Steve Job’s leadership is autocratic style. * He thinks that what ever he do is right. * Steve Jobs started apple computer which is hard ware making company. * His vision was to develop computer with affordable cost and easy to use. * Steve was hardware expert and had a vision for a personal computer that was affordable and easy to use.
  6. 6. * Steve cocky attitude and lack of management skills made jobs a threat to apple's success. * Steve jobs was overconfident and did not see gates and Microsoft as a serious threat to apple. * Job's goal was to change the world with his computers. *He was also very demanding of his employees.
  7. 7. Bill Gates Transformational Leader Motivational & Persuader Shared Authority Participative Style Moderate Risk Taker Steve Jobs Average Leader Highly Innovative Centralized Authority Autocratic Style High Risk Taker
  8. 8. Bill Gates Understanding Limitations of Oneself Delegates Things Employee Management Organized Understands Needs Steve Jobs Dictatorial Demanding Can’t Anticipate Threat Overconfident & Tactical Learns From Mistakes