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Noël 2012 d.


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Published in: Spiritual
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Noël 2012 d.

  1. 1. New York
  2. 2. Stockholm
  3. 3. Seoul
  4. 4. Brussels
  5. 5. Berlin
  6. 6. Milano
  7. 7. Istanbul
  8. 8. Peace . Pa x Pace .Fr eden Paz
  9. 9. Madison Square
  10. 10. Bangkok
  11. 11. Rio de Janeiro
  12. 12. Abu Dhabi
  13. 13. Haifa
  14. 14. Vienna
  15. 15. Zurich
  16. 16. Manila
  17. 17. In universe we are just a point – try to keep peace...Dans l‘universe nous ne sommes qu‘un point – essayez de maintenir paix... Nel universo siamo solamente unpunto – cercate di mantenere pace... Im Universum sind wir nur ein Punkt – versuchen Sie Frieden zu halten... En el universo somos solamente un punto – traten de mantener paz...
  18. 18. Lisboa
  19. 19. Paris
  20. 20. Tokyo
  21. 21. Beirut
  22. 22. Sydney (in Queen Victoria Building)
  23. 23. Betlehem / Manger Square
  24. 24. Wherever you are: Enjoy the holidays ... Où que vous en soyez: Profitez ces jours ... Dovunque state: Godetevi questi giorni… Wo Sie auch sind: Geniessen Sie diese Tage ... Igual donde están: Disfruten estos días ... bye byeArranged by: December 2012Music: <Mary‘s Boychild> by Harry Belafonte
  25. 25. Mary‘ s Boychild by Harry BelafonteLong time ago in Bethlehem, Now, Joseph and his wife, Mary,So the Holy Bible say, Come to Bethlehem that night,Marys boy child, Jesus Christ, They found no place to bear her child,Was born on Christmas day, Not a single room was in sight.Hark, now hear the angels sing,A newborn King today,And man will live forevermore,Because of Christmas day.Trumpets sound and angels sing,Listen to what they say, By and by, they find a little nook,That Man will live forevermore, In a stable all forlorn,Because of Christmas day. And in a manger cold and dark, Marys litlle Boy was born!While shepherds watched their flocks by night,They saw a bright new shining star,They heard a choir sing,The music seemed to come from afar,