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Media studies


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Media studies

  1. 1. By Nadia
  3. 3. LightingIn media, lighting is used to help create a mood in the scene and there aredifferent example of this:• High key lighting: The scene is brightly lit and filler lights are used on characters (commonly used in rom-com, sci-fi)• Low key lighting: Only uses one fill light and creates shadows (commonly used in film noirs and horrors)
  4. 4. SoundIn media, sound is used to help compliment a scene with lighting to helpcreate a mood examples of sound are:• Diegetic sound: is any sound presented as originated from source within the films world• Non-diegetic sound: is represented as coming from the a source outside story space• What kind of sound is used in this family guy extract?
  5. 5. Mise-en-sceneMise-en-scene is just basically what makes the scene and there are fiveelements to it which are:• Setting• Costume/props• Facial expression• Lighting• Positioning of characters• Can anyone describe the mise-en-scene in this scene of family guy?
  6. 6. Camera Shots• Long shot• Establishing shot• Mid shot• Close up• Extreme close up• Over the shoulder shot
  7. 7. Camera Movement• Panning: Moving from side to side• Tilting: Moving up and down• Craning: Lifting up and down from a high level• Zooming: Zooming in and out• Tracking: Moving along
  8. 8. Camera Angles• Low angle• High angle• Eye level• Bird’s eye view• Canted angle