Television: Past, Present & Future


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Final recommendation presentation for my blog.

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Television: Past, Present & Future

  1. 1. Visit us at:
  2. 2. Perspective“The digital media industry in Canada is evolvingin extraordinary ways, largely driven by today’smulti-platform consumer engaging with contentacross a variety of media”.-Bryan Segal, vice president, comScoreCanada
  3. 3. Perspective Current trends that can be taken advantage of Metrics clearly display useful results Relatively inexpensive Ability to reach a broad target market Traditional offline media is diminishing
  4. 4. Overview
  5. 5. Blog News worthy due to many updates Endless series to cover Many visuals (videos, websites etc.) available Interests me since I am a television lover!
  6. 6. Persona  Working woman  Devoted mother & loving wife  No time to rest and relax in front of her television!Phyllis Richardson  Out of touch with the television series  Resorts to the internet for guidance  Loves social media
  7. 7. Watch out! Bomb Girls Have Arrived“Work it” Ladies and Gens! Blog Post TitlesThe Big Bang Theory: Who Says Science Can’t be Fun?Phew! Saved by the bellWhat you gonna do when they come for you... Hawaii Five-OIt’s all about the “Magic City”We Are Family: Modern Family & The Cosby showFriends: Got to love themHouse of Lies: Liar, Pants on FireJersey Shore: GTL Anyone?Pretty Little Liars: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?The Everlasting “Young and the Restless”
  8. 8. Facebook Page
  9. 9. Twitter Account
  10. 10. YouTube Channel
  11. 11. Google Analytics MetricsPositive Traffic types vary Great percentage of direct & referral Time on site remained constantNegative Increased bounce rate Low levels of page visits
  12. 12.  Week 8 Twitter Overview Followers: 62 Following: 136 Tweets:48 Twitter user: 491, 720 Week 14: Followers: 182 Following: 349 Tweets:97 Twitter user: 10,000
  13. 13. Facebook OverviewPositive At peak the page’s total reach was 681 Likes increased by 6 through weeks 8-14 At peak people talking about the page was 8Negative Towards week 11-14 it was a slow climb
  14. 14. YouTube Channel Overview 4 new subscribers from week 8-14 Ability to post videos and create video playlists Keeps me informed
  15. 15. Pinterest Overview  Did not gain any visits to my blog from Pinterest  Able to pin various content in regards to my blog (i.e. Press release)  Allows for more awareness for my blog
  16. 16. Hubspot Grader Overview Slowly declined through weeks 8-13 Over all a negative outcome
  17. 17. Business Review
  18. 18. Key LearningPositive Visits: Slowly climbed from week 8 to week 14 with a total of 111 Traffic types: -High referral rate of 85% (comprised of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger) - Positive direct traffic results of 15% Time on site: Maintained itself at 33 seconds for weeksNegative Bounce rate: Decreased dramatically starting at 63% in week 8 and ending at 73% in week 14 Page(s) per visit: Viewers did not check out many pages throughout their visit (began at 2.23 and ended at 1.53)
  19. 19. Indicated Actions Newsworthy - Use social media to get suggestions and polls of what is preferred to be blogged about - Include current ratings/statistics on my blogs to show the stands of the show in the eyes of the critics to ensure my viewers know the information is current• Consistent - Constant blog posts - Ensure tags are related to the blog and in the first and last paragraph of the blog post
  20. 20. Key LearningPositive Likes: Through weeks 8-10 there was a steady climb in likes Posts: Constant comments/likes and often conversations under my wall postsNegative Weekly total reach: My weekly total reach was 200 or lower People talking about this: For the most part I had under 6 people talking about my page (with an exception of 2 weeks)
  21. 21. Indicated Actions Constant updates - Wall postings - Share wall postings from other pages to my own page Write on the wall of other pages to join in the conversation so people notice my page Have more links to my YouTube channel, Pinterest and Blogger and other websites to create versatility
  22. 22. Key LearningPositive Followers: High levels of increased followers from week 8 through to 14 (increase of 120 followers) Following: An increase of 213 of Twitter accounts that I have followed from week 8 through to 14Negative Tweets: Achieved a total of 97 tweets by the end of week 14
  23. 23. Indicated Actions Tweeting straight from Twitter is important Tweeting once a day is not enough, tweet more! Retweet and mention other Twitter accounts to engage
  24. 24. Key LearningPositive Subscribers: Attained 4 subscribers Videos: Have the ability to create playlists and “like” videos which appear on constant updated YouTube newsfeedNegative Content: Not a lot of time was spent on the YouTube channel
  25. 25. Indicated Actions Create appropriate playlists Like as many videos as possible related to my topic Short television updates of myself talking to encourage interaction
  26. 26. Positive Key Learning Boards: Created 3 relevant boards (television shows I enjoy, things I adore and people I admire) Followers: Attained 11 followers within weeks 8-14 Following: Following 24 people that mostly are in relation to my topicNegative Pins: Throughout weeks 8-14 I pined/repined 31 things
  27. 27. Indicated Actions Spend more time exploring the various pins on the site Pin related information and updates on my topic if the website has the ability to “pin it” Make my own pins!
  28. 28. Recommendations
  29. 29. Recommendations Website: No plans on having a website because a blog is the best option for my topic Blog: No changes will be made to the blog, just much more content! Search Engine Optimization strategies: - Make use of key words (tags) in the first and last paragraph of the blog post
  30. 30. Recommendations Pay-Per-Click: These ads will appear on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing Average Cost Per Click: $0.40 cents Keywords: television shows, past TV series, dramatic series, comedic TV shows, TV show review
  31. 31. Recommendations Display ads: A great visual way of gaining awareness and visits to my blog Top 10 websites for my display ads - Global - MuchMoreMusic - ABC -CTV - BET - MuchMusic - Toronto Star (entertainment section) - Spike TV - YouTube - MTV
  32. 32. Recommendations Social media: - There will be a social media campaign - Includes Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to name a few Affiliate marketing: This does not apply to my business
  33. 33.  Social Media Releases: Recommendations - Various social media releases will be done - Keeping the fans/viewers of the blog updated with constant updates varying in content
  34. 34. Recommendations Email marketing: - There will be an email campaign - It will touch upon social media and blogs on television series
  35. 35. Recommendations Mobile Marketing: - There will be social feeds constantly being updates to the persons phone that has the app - There will also be videos available - Games in regards to television shows will be accessible
  36. 36. Rationale
  37. 37. Rationale Blog- Excellent way to converse about many topics due to the ability to share and comment on posts PPC- Effective way to get the business across to many sites that are in the intended target group Display ads- Appeal to ones visual senses Social media- Keeping up with the social media trend to ensure the most current updates Email marketing- Keeping subscribers informed via email Mobile marketing- Take advantage of the current mobile app trends