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Encuentro de Universitarios Emprendedores


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Encuentro de Universitarios Emprendedores. La Plata. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Encuentro de Universitarios Emprendedores

  1. 1. What University Startup Conference is Argentina's first conference dedicated solely to providing tools to transform local students projects in companies with growth potential. Where Coliseo Podestá, Buenos Aires, Argentina. When November 20, 2013 How One day of the best thinkers, builders and starters from Argentina. Why Because we put entrepreneurs in front of the government, universities, non­profits, big companies, VCs and angel investors. Who Should Attend ­ Students with startups ­ Entrepreneurs ­ Angel investors ­ Technology implementers and evangelists ­ Entrepreneurship researchers and professors ­ CxO ­ Policymakers and community developers
  2. 2. Who is participating ­ National University of La Plata: Entrepreneurship Center, Laboratory of Advanced Computing Research (LIFIA), Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Economics and Business. ­ National Technological University: Center for Research and Development in Science and Technology of Materials, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Information Systems. ­ Secretary of Modernization and Economic Development of La Plata ­ National Department of Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Development ­ Endeavor,  a non­profit organization that pioneered the concept of High­Impact Entrepreneurship in emerging and growth markets. ­ Palermo Valley, the first independent community of technology entrepreneurs in Argentina. About The first conference was held in 2006, since that time the local entrepreneurial community has grown steadily thanks to the working of Universities, NGOs, independent communities and government agencies. The University Startups Conference has been actively involved in this process by facilitating networking, providing tools, motivation and experience of entrepreneurs as MercadoLibre, Globant, Las Paez and Officenet (Staples) among many others
  3. 3. Contact Sebastian Nader More Info